Global Feminism and Christianity

We have created this page in hope that you will find resources here that help to deepen and complicate your own understanding of Christianities in their varied contexts.

What’s in a Name? Tracing the Development of Latina Theologies of Their Own,” by Karen Bray

This paper explores the development of Latina theologies over the last 25 years. Paying special attention to Latina theologies which incorporate a feminist hermeneutic or concern, Bray discusses the development of a mestiza consciousness; the debate between Latina feminist theology and mujerista theology; the entrance into the field by eco-feminism, gender and queer theory; and finally both the tensions and overlaps between liberationist theologies and postcolonial theory. Karen Bray is a second year PhD student in Theological and Philosophical Studies at Drew University.  Read Karen Bray’s paper.

Asian Feminist Theology,” by Hyun Hui Kim

This paper documents the history and development of Asian Feminist Theology as separate from western feminist theology and male liberation theology, even when produced by Asian men. Since its emergence in the last quarter of the twentieth century, Asian feminist theology has developed dramatically.  This essay probes the diverse foci, contents, and methodologies that have been involved in the development of Asian feminist theology, with each of the three categories discussing three different stages of content and focus.  Hyun Hui Kim is a first year PhD student in Theological and Philosophical Studies at Drew University.  Read Hyun Hui Kim’s paper.