Repair requests - Use one of these requests if you are having trouble wtih an ITO service which was previously working and has stopped working. Examples of ITO services include: phones, fax machines, voice mail, cable TV, wireless networks (WiFi and cellular), and numerous systems that connect the the campus network, including fire alarms, camps card swipe locations, and security cameras

Service Requests - Use one of these requests if you would like to create a new service, or modify an existing service. Examples include installation of new voice, data, or cable TV jacks, purchasing a new computer or phone, assigning phone services to a new employee, changing features on an existing phone, and moving a phone from one location to another

Student Employment Application – If you are a student looking for a part-time job in the office of Infrastructure, Telecommunications and On-site Services (ITO), fill out this web form and someone from our office will contact you.