Help plant hundreds of donated native wildflowers in the Drew Forest!   Pitch in for one hour or for many hours in the gorgeous forest preserve, where Drew’s major ecosystem restoration project needs your help.

When?  Saturday, October 25 – any time between 10:00 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Pitch in for an hour or a few hours

Where? On campus – Stroll over to the Zuck Arboretum entrance, at the far southwest corner of Drew’s baseball field (at the end of the road between the tennis courts and the ball field).  Wear closed shoes and socks that can get a little muddy. Email Professor Webb at with any questions.


Michael Plumb, Environmental Lawyer, Wolff & Samson

“Applying Environmental Science in Environmental Law”

Tuesday, October 21, 4:30 pm, location Hall of Sciences 4

An overview of three current issues affecting the New Jersey environment and the interplay in each case between science and law, including privatization of environmental cleanup oversight, the proposed lower Passaic River cleanup, and the recently proposed Clean Power Plan to reduce carbon emissions from power plants.

Spatial Data Center Workshop: Global Positioning Systems (GPS)

Wednesday, October 22, 12-1pm, Brothers College Room 1

Learn how GPS receivers work, gain experience using a Garmin eTrex for simple fieldwork and data collection, and learn how to import data from receivers into mapping software, like Google Earth.

ESS & Public Health Talk: Population Explorer Development Team

Kimetrica & USAID Famine Early Warning System Network

Tuesday, November 4, 2014, 8:00 AM – Breakfast Talk, EC 109

This lunchtime talk is actually a breakfast Skype conversation with the developers of Population Explorer, a demographic application developed for USAID’s Famine Early Warning Systems Network (FEWS NET). Ben Watkins, Eric Ngwiri, Josephat Ngige discuss their contributions to the development of this application, from their base in Nairobi, Kenya.

Spatial Data Center Webinar: How to Select the Best Imagery for Your Remote Sensing Project

Thursday, November 6, 2-3pm, Brothers College Room 1

This webinar will prepare you to select the best imagery to meet the needs and objectives of your next project. Advantages and disadvantages of digital vs. analog imagery will be discussed. The characteristics common to all imagery will be presented, defined, and examples provided. The final selection of the best imagery is always determined by balancing these characteristics with cost. The webinar will conclude with a discussion of these tradeoffs and costs of imagery.

Spatial Data Center Workshop: Digital Mapping

Wednesday, November 12, 12-1pm, Brothers College Room 1

Learn the basics of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and how to create your own maps of countries, states, counties, or any type of information you’d like to display on the earth’s surface.

Film Screening: Zapatista!

Monday, November 17, 2014, 7pm, LC30

Contact Summer Harrison for more details.

Spatial Data Center Workshop: 3D Visual Design

Wednesday, December 3, 12-1pm, Brothers College Room 1

Learn the basics of 3D mapping to create extrusion maps and high resolution terrain maps, useful for anyone interested in urban planning, design, architecture, and geography.

Spatial Data Center Webinar: Assessing the Accuracy of Remotely Sensed Data

Thursday, December 4, 2-3pm, Brothers College Room 1

Do you know how much to trust an imagery-based map layer? Have you conducted a thorough accuracy assessment of a map you produced with remote sensing? Accuracy assessment has become an essential component of any mapping project and it must be clearly and effectively planned from the beginning of a project in order to be as cost-efficient as possible. This webinar will present an overview of the issues and considerations necessary to assess the accuracy of a map generated using remotely sensed data. While it is not possible to provide all details related to accuracy assessment during this webinar, this overview will provide an excellent starting point from which the attendee can find additional resources.