Student Environmental Art Projects on Campus

Students in Valerie Hegarty and Lisa Jordan’s “Beyond Earth Art: Artists and the Environment in Crisis” course will be installing and presenting their final projects on Monday, April 27 and Wednesday, April 29. All are welcome to attend the presentations! See the schedule below for complete information.

Monday, April 27th 

2:00-2:10pm Laura Decelles (classroom BC01): Based on her passion for conservation biology and biodiversity, Laura will create a series of watercolors depicting endangered species of the Oceans, North America and South America.

2:10-2:20pm Sabrina Herron (classroom BC01): Three superfund sites are located near her home and Sabrina will use photography, text, found organic material, and collage to raise awareness about industrial contamination.

2:20-2:30pm Walk to BC Courtyard

2:30-2:40pm Anthony Rossi (BC Courtyard): Taking inspiration from the photography of Chris Jordan, Anthony will create a sculptural human carcass made of trash to create a statement about humanity’s indifference to waste and pollution until directly impacted.

2:40-2:50pm Walk to posted fliers (BC, Ehinger and possible other site)

2;50-3:00pm Ilianna Anise: Ilianna will be creating and posting fliers in the style of “lost” advertisements for pets and persons. The series will detail what she believes are root causes of our current crisis: humanity’s loss of connection with the Earth and fellow beings.

3:00-3:10pm Walk to Ehinger

3:10-3:20pm Taylor Tracy (Ehinger Center by Food Court): Inspired by her semester-long research on honey bees, Taylor will create a multi-media collage using the Drew Campus map as an organizing structure for a series of hand-made flowers specific to foods that honey bees pollinate.

3:20-3:30pm Walk to Tolley Circle

3:30-3:40pm Daniel Ratyniak and Joe Sollod (Tolley Circle): Inspired by the land artists Robert Smithson and Richard Long, Dan and Joe will combine forces to create a rock garden that explores impermanence while raising awareness of the infertile land around campus.

Tuesday, April 28th Garden Work Day 2:00PM at Community Garden next to Carriage House
Students For Sustainable Foods hosts a Community Garden Work Day to prepare the Community Garden for planting. Work includes laying weed block in hopes to prepare the garden and return it to its prior glory! All invited. For more information, email Justina at

Wednesday, April 29th Student Environmental Art Projects on Campus

1:50-2:00pm Nathan Forster and Shannon Slowey (Video screening in classroom BC01): This collaborative duo will be creating a documentary video based on interview questions that relate to their fellow students’ dreams, desires, and impact of their goals on others. The audio will be layered with images from daily life at Drew and contrast students’ ideals with their lived realities.

2:00-2:10pm Eric Boatti (Video screening in classroom BC01): Furthering his interest in video and the individual’s agency in environmental change, Eric will produce a documentary that chronicles fellow student Max Dolphin’s creation of a primitive encampment on the Drew campus.

2:10-2:20pm Professor Lisa Jordan (classroom BC01): Lisa will present her proposal to remove sections of concrete in the parking lot of the faculty housing in order to create green space, including a playground with design elements inspired by eco- art.

2:20-2:30pm Astrid Castillo (classroom BC01): Astrid will present a proposal for a series of four meditation huts for the Drew campus based on the four elements— earth, water, air, fire—incorporating recycled materials and sustainable heating.

2:30-2:40pm Walk to picnic table at Eberhard in front of Spirituality House.

2:40-2:50pm Anthony Tamburro. (picnic table) Taking a poetic approach to environmental art that encompasses land reclamation and restoration, Anthony will set a table that is part sculptural tableau at the site of a traumatic memory.

2:50-3:00pm Walk to Ehinger Center

3:00-3:10 Jennifer DiGiorgio, Stephanie Churrango and Nadia Imanishimwe (in front of Ehinger Center). An Art major, a Psych major and an Environmental Studies major combine their interests by creating a sculptural tree trunk with an owl hole that acts as a data collection site for students’ environmental concerns written on slips of paper.

3:10-3:25pm Walk to the Forest

3:25-3:35 Max Dolphin (the Forest) Throughout the semester Max has been focused on using environmental art to encourage an environmental reconnection. He continues his “restoration-of-the-soul” explorations by creating a functional shelter out of organic material outdoors on campus.