Do you have something in your office that you no longer need? An old desk, chair, desk lamp, file cabinet, etc? Or, do you need some used items for your office? Then the Drew Surplus Items List is for you. You can post a description and picture of the item you are trying to dispose. And if you need an item you can browse the list.

The Drew Surplus Items List is available on U-KNOW. You can also follow the instructions below. Note you must be logged in to view the site.

How to Add an Item to the Surplus Item List

  1. Click on the link above link to get to the Drew Surplus Items List or search “Drew Surplus Items List,” in U-KNOW*
  2. Click on the category your item fits in
  3. Click “Click Here to Add _____ ” to add your item

*Go to the Drew Homepage and click on “U-KNOW” under “Information Services.” Once in the U-KNOW dashboard, go to the search box in the top right of the screen and type “surplus.”

Categories in the list:

If you don’t think the item could be used on campus, you may post the item on NY Waste Match. This is a free, online “waste” brokerage service. Go to to set up an account and post your item.