Fern Fest

Fern Fest is an annual re-foresting event at Drew held during Earth Week. Students work to replace a section of campus lawn with diverse native ferns and wildflowers, helping to restore the forest ecosystem that once thrived here. Small shrubs and trees are also planted. The Fern Fest event also includes other activities, depending on interests of the organizing students: tie-dying, craft and food booths, and bands playing into the evening. The end results: enhanced biodiversity on campus, a fun community celebration, and some good environmental education for all!


Recycling may seem like an unusual cause for school spirit, but at Drew, the national RecycleMania competition unites the community in purpose. In just 10 weeks in 2008, the campus recycled almost 45 tons (90,000 pounds) of bottles, cans, paper and cardboard. That’s 33.5 pounds per person! The effort earned the university a 20th place finish out of 180 participating institutions.