Office of Sustainability

To rent a bike, you must first email your rental request to Tina Notas at and include the type of bike (see below) and your height. After receiving a confirmation email, go to Pepin Services Center to pick up your bike.



Drew Bikes Highlight Sustainability at Drew!

As part of the greater goal for a sustainable campus, Drew encourages bicycling as a form of alternative transportation. Drew’s size and terrain make it great for biking!

Drew Bikes is a bike rental program for Drew students administered by the Sustainability Office at Drew.  The bikes that are part of this program are labeled ‘Drew University’ on the bike and a bike number. The 25 Drew Bikes are a combination of single-speed cruisers style bicycles that brake by pedaling backwards, and multi-speed bikes that have a handle bar brake system with multiple gears.

For a list of bike racks all over campus, read more about bikes @ Drew.

User agrees to return the bike and the issued bike lock at the end of the term to the Pepin Services Center. If the bike is not returned or if there is major damage to the bike, User will be charged.

Registration Fees

*Forms of payment: Check, made out to Drew University. Or, cash with exact change. *

Academic Term (anytime during September – May):

Single-Speed Bike Type: $25

Multi-Speed Bike Type: $50


Multiple Speed Bike: $50

Single Speed Bike: $30*

*Drew Students with Drew issued ID card pay $25 for single speed bikes during the summer.

Bike maintenance is covered in the registration fee. Being part of the Drew Bikes Program at Drew means that the user accepts the guidelines in the below agreement.

Drew Bike Rental Registration Agreement

Drew University agrees to lease a Drew Bike (bike) to: (Person completing application).


In consideration for the use of a bike under this Program, I agree to use the bike in a safe and appropriate manner, to pay the required Registration Fee to the Office of Sustainability, and to comply with the terms of use. One bike may be rented per term. I will have access to Bikes in sound working order complete with a bike lock. In all cases, Drew strongly recommends the use of a helmet.


As a condition of use, I also agree not to park the bike or otherwise secure it in the vicinity of any entry and exit from any shop, restaurant, or business. I understand the bike cannot be taken outside the Greater Madison-Chatham-Morristown area.


I agree to assume responsibility for the bike and agree to lock the bike securely and properly in order to prevent theft and use by those not registered to use the bike. I agree to notify if a Bike (or a part) is damaged, in need of adjustment or repair and to promptly bring the bike to the Office of Sustainability for any repairs. Pickup of a disabled bike can be arranged if necessary by calling extension 3510.


By signing the Registration Agreement, I acknowledge that I understand the risks associated with operating a bike, including falls, collisions, or crashes with cars that could result in serious physical injury.


I knowingly and voluntarily assume all risks associated with the use and operation of the bike, unless they arise from the releases’ gross negligence or intentional misconduct and agree to hold Drew and its representatives harmless from any liability, including any claims or law suits, arising from any injury that I may suffer as a result of my participation in the Program.

I further agree on behalf of myself and my personal representatives, heirs, executors, or  administrators to HEREBY RELEASE, WAIVE, AND AGREE THAT I WILL NOT SUE DREW, its governing board, directors, officers, employees, agents, volunteers, or students (hereinafter referred to as “Releasees”) for any and all liability, including any and all claims or suits of any kind, arising from any injury, property damage or death that I may suffer as a result of my participation in the Program, UNLESS THE INJURY OR DAMAGE IS CAUSED BY THE RELEASEES’ GROSS NEGLIGENCE OR INTENTIONAL MISCONDUCT

Note: Drew Bikes will be distributed on a first-come-first-served basis. Previous renters are not eligible to rent a bike if the bike was not returned in a timely manner at the end of the rental period.



Please follow the rules below when operating a bike

In New Jersey, the law states a bicyclist must obey all state and local automobile driving laws

Feet and Hands on Pedals and Handlebars; Carrying Another Person

Bicyclists should not drive the bicycle with feet removed from the pedals, or with both hands removed from the handlebars, nor practice any trick or fancy driving in a street. Limit passengers to only the number the bicycle is designed and equipped to carry (the number of seats it has).

Hitching on Vehicle Prohibited

No person riding a bicycle shall attach themselves to any streetcar or vehicle.

Operating Regulations

Every person riding a bicycle on a roadway shall ride as near to the right roadside as practicable exercising due care when passing a standing vehicle or one proceeding in the same direction. A bicyclist may move left under any of the following conditions:

  1. To make a left turn from a left turn lane or pocket
  2. To avoid debris, drains, or other hazardous conditions on the right
  3. To pass a slower moving vehicle
  4. To occupy any available lane when traveling at the same speed as other traffic
  5. To travel no more than two abreast when traffic is not impeded, but otherwise ride in single file

Every person riding a bicycle should ride in the same direction as vehicular traffic.

Information from the State of New Jersey Department of Transportation

Bike Turn Signals

Practice bike safety by using these bike turn signals: