May 2010: Report of the President’s Task Force on Strategic Planning is issued, recommending a formal university-wide strategic planning process

Summer 2010: Strategic Plan Working Group develops major goals and draft objectives

September-October 2010: First draft plan reviewed by the community; feedback gathered via open forum meetings and website, Board of Trustees retreat

Fall 2010: Working Group revises draft based on feedback

Early 2011: Second draft available to the community; units across campus begin to develop detailed strategic initiative proposals

Spring and Summer 2011: Working Group vets 133 strategic initiatives; these are incorporated, reworked, revised or declined as befits their support of the plan goals

September 2011: Third draft available to the community; plan discussed at Board of Trustees retreat

October 2011: University Senate hosts open information session about the plan

Late Fall 2011: Senate, President and Working Group develop revised draft

February 17, 2012: Plan is approved by the Board of Trustees

Spring 2012: Campus units develop implementation details