September 11 Last Day of Drop/Add Period — Honors applications due by this day and Honors 410 (or departmental research course) registration completed. After this date, registration is by petition to the Thesis Committee and Academic Standing.
September 25 Honors Committee form emailed to Prof. Edward Baring (ebaring@drew.edu), Assistant Director of Baldwin Honors and Director of Specialized Honors.
October 8 Thesis Colloquium & Reception in Crawford Hall, Ehinger Center at 6:00 p.m.
October 16 Honors Committee Chair will assign Honors Thesis Chairs for student defenses. The chairs will be selected from the Honors Committee.
On or Before November 20 Meeting of full thesis committee (student, thesis advisor, and committee members) to discuss Honors candidate’s thesis proposal and schedule and determine the role of each committee member.
By the first reading day of Fall Semester Completion of first chapter or equivalent. If the student fails to meet this deadline they should consider converting their thesis into an independent study.
January 19 Draft of thesis or detailed progress report due to thesis advisor. Nature of draft or progress report should be approved by thesis advisor.
Feb 1 Last Day of Drop/Add Period. The student and advisor should have determined by this point whether the thesis is viable, After this date the 411 Spring Independent Study can only be converted into another four-credit independent study (for year’s total of 8 credits); it cannot be dropped without a “W” appearing on the student’s transcript.
February 19 First draft due to entire thesis committee.
February 22 – March 4 The Chair of your thesis committee will invite you and your committee members to a meeting to discuss the draft of your honors thesis.
March 25 Second draft (full) of your thesis due to all members of your committee.
April 1-8 Arrange your defense. Choose a date before the last day of classes that is convenient for your committee. Call the Conference Office (Ext. 3308) to arrange a room. Fill out the Defense Announcement Form and email it to Prof. Kimberly Rhodes (krhodes@drew.edu), Assistant Director of Baldwin Honors and Director of Specialized Honors.
April 15 Final draft due to all members of your committee.
April 18 – April 29 Thesis Defenses.
May 3 Honors Banquet, Mead Hall, Founders Room, 6-8pm.
May 6 Submit revised thesis in proper format (with 200-500 word abstract) as a PDF to the Library by 5pm. You must submit the EDT form by the same time.
May 6 Petitions to convert honors to independent study due to registrar no later than today.


Questions? Email me or come to my office hours

Professor Kimberly Rhodes, Director, Specialized Honors
Office: DoYo 113D