The Spanish Department offers two Spanish classes for Heritage Learners. These classes can fulfill your language requirement or count toward a major or minor in Spanish. Heritage Spanish classes are designed to meet the needs of bilingual students of varying abilities. Students will work on improving their writing and public speaking skills in Spanish in preparation for future academic and professional endeavors.  Many heritage learners at Drew go on to become Spanish majors or minors, knowing that gaining confidence and professionalism in their Spanish-language skills are valuable assets in any field.

Top ten reasons you should take Spanish for Heritage Learners

You may be asking yourself:
If I already speak Spanish, why should I take Spanish classes?

Here are the top 10 reasons:

  1. Improve your writing skills in Spanish
  2. Practice public speaking skills in Spanish
  3. Meet other Spanish-speaking students on campus
  4. Fulfill your language requirement at Drew
  5. Start a Spanish major
  6. Start a Spanish minor
  7. Prepare yourself for a study abroad experience in places like Spain, Costa Rica, Argentina, Chile, or Mexico
  8. Improve your ability to use Spanish in your future career
  9. Get ready for an internship where you’ll need to speak Spanish
  10. Gain confidence in your ability to use Spanish anywhere

Courses offered

SPAN 202: Oral and Written Skills for Heritage Learners

This course focuses on written and oral development of Spanish in addition to the practice of reading and listening skills in a dynamic culturally-based context. Students will learn about grammar and spelling issues as they expand their writing skills. They will also improve public speaking skills through class activities and presentations.

SPAN 303: Spanish Grammar and Conversation for Heritage Learners

This course will develop reading, writing, conversation, and public speaking skills in Spanish. Students will improve their control of grammar and written expression through essays and journals. They will explore the implications of bicultural identity and recognition of regional variations of Spanish. Short stories, articles, film, music and other materials will be used as a starting point for discussion, reflection, and writing.

Placement test

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Contact info

Prof. Monica Cantero will directly contact students via e-mail with their results and recommend the appropriate class. Contact Prof. Cantero ( if you have questions about taking Spanish for Heritage Learners.

Quotes from Drew students

“During my Junior year, I took a grammar course for heritage speakers and it was truly one of the most beneficial classes I have taken during my time at Drew. Not only has my proficiency in Spanish improved, but I gained useful knowledge that can be applied to other Spanish classes in the department. The wonderful experience that I had in that grammar class led me to become a Spanish major. I consider learning Spanish a useful skill for my future career in the legal field.”
Jennifer Benavides, 
Spanish major, Sociology minor

“The Spanish for Heritage Speakers was a great course to take. It helped me review basic Spanish grammar that I overlook when speaking and writing. I recommend this course to any native speaker that wants to perfect the language and make it more professional.”
Giselle Javier, Political Science major, Middle Eastern Studies minor

“I decided to become a Spanish major because I wanted to expand my knowledge of the language. As a native speaker, I have spoken the language my whole life. However without the language I would have never gone out of my way to read Spanish literature or learn different aspects of the language. Overall, I believe that Spanish will be very important for my career choice. I come from a town where Spanish is the predominant language; therefore by perfecting my Spanish, I could help those that can only speak the language and give people the confidence to go to a professional without worrying if they will be understood.”
Brenda Osorio, Biology and Spanish double major, Psychology minor

“The reason why I wanted to be a Spanish major was because I have parents that are Spanish speaking people and I didn’t want to study in the United States and lose my language. I want to improve my native language and make it seem like I have never left my native land. I’m thinking of using Spanish to help other people that don’t really speak any other language. I am privileged to have learned two languages and I feel like I can use my Spanish to translate. I’m also thinking that I want to create my own business in a Spanish speaking place.”
Christian Peña, Spanish and Computer Science double major

“After taking two Spanish courses my first year I discovered that Spanish was much more interesting than conjugating verbs and staying in the right tense which was what I studied in high school and as a heritage speaker found useless. Still, after my first semester of Spanish I learned there are so many other aspects to Spanish which I do enjoy such as linguistics, literature, and film. As a heritage speaker, I am much more comfortable speaking than writing and so I knew majoring in Spanish would require me to step out of my comfort zone although ultimately be beneficial. I know these classes are improving my Spanish which in the future I plan on using to enhance my career.”
Krissia Funes, Chemistry and Spanish double major