Alumni Testimonials


Alumni Testimonials

“Studying Spanish at Drew provided me with the motivation and desire to learn about different Spanish-speaking cultures. Since graduating, I have been living in Spain. I received my Master in Peace and Conflict Studies from the University of Granada, and am currently pursuing a Master in Humanitarian Action at the University of Deusto. There is no doubt in my mind that completing the Spanish major at Drew has had a direct and positive impact on my life.”—Zachary Maas C’12

“Being a Spanish major at Drew University was one of the most rewarding experiences of my academic career. After graduating, I attended St. John’s University School of Law. I am currently a Staff Attorney at the New York Legal Assistance Group’s Tenants’ Rights Unit, where I provide legal representation to low-income tenants in Queens, New York. The many skills I acquired as a Spanish major at Drew have translated well in my career, as I frequently speak Spanish to my clients. These skills have further enabled me to learn legal rhetoric in Spanish and be able to successfully interpret and explain legal documents to my clients.”—Javier Ortiz C’10

“I grew up speaking Spanish at home but never knew how to write or express myself fluently in Spanish until I took classes at Drew. It opened many doors for me, especially in my career. After I graduated, I went on to teach bilingual kindergarten and be a mental health counselor. It has been such a rewarding experience seeing how my students enjoy learning in both Spanish and English, as well as being able to communicate with the parents that speak only Spanish.”—Johanna Cedillo C’10

“I am thankful for Drew’s amazing Spanish program, not only for the language skills I gained but also for the diverse opportunities to learn about Spanish-speaking cultures and current issues facing communities in the U.S. and abroad. Since graduating, I am the Business Operations Manager at a charter school in New York City where I get to use my Spanish on a regular basis to converse with families.”—Dana Baumgartner C’14

“I became a Spanish major because I felt that learning another language would open doors for me and broaden by worldview, and it did exactly that. I learned so much about history, art and culture through my major that I would never have learned anywhere else. My concentration in English was Caribbean literature and the intersection of both my majors was invaluable. I learned the ability to transfer knowledge, which is the skill I most focus on in my life as a high school English teacher. I teach English, but my Spanish skills have been hugely beneficial.”—Gaelan Johnson C’12

“Being a Spanish major at Drew allowed me to enjoy the language in an interdisciplinary learning environment, from taking a history class taught in Spanish to one in creative writing. Without the Spanish major, I don’t think I would have gained the global experience that I yearned for when I entered Drew. Since graduation, I earned my master’s degree in teaching and work as a Student Services Coordinator of international students for INTO University Partnerships at Drew. Without the support and guidance of the Spanish department, I would not be the man I am today nor the passionate and eager higher education professional.”—Nicholas Russo C’13

“As a Spanish major I wrote my honors thesis in Spanish, which is something I never anticipated being able to do! My Spanish degree has led to wonderful, exciting opportunities. After graduating, I moved to Madrid to live and work as an English Language Assistant in a public bilingual grammar school. After returning to the U.S., and motivated by my international experiences and desire to engage more fully with our global world, I pursued my master’s degree in international affairs at The New School’s Milano School for Public Engagement. Spanish has given me countless advantages, not only professionally but also personally.”—Corinne Schoch C’14

“Being a Spanish major was an awesome experience and really gave me a competitive edge when applying to dental school. Many students major in biology or other sciences, but having a different background and perspective set me apart from the rest. Having a thorough knowledge of Spanish has really helped me to communicate with patients who speak Spanish and make them feel comfortable by speaking in their native language. I also have used Spanish on a mission trip to Ecuador and plan to continue doing so through future mission work in other Spanish-speaking countries.”—Sara Storer C’12

“Majoring in Spanish pushed me out of my comfort zone and, in turn, I gained more confidence. I had to work hard but I was lucky to have amazing professors who pushed me. Not only did we learn a new language, we also learned how to think critically and speak intelligently about a broad range of topics through literature, film and more. I live in New York City, where I have worked at the Tribeca Film Festival and an ad-tech start up, and where I am able to test my Spanish skills quite often.”—Caitlin Frankel C’10

“By majoring in Spanish, I became a much more involved global citizen and I developed valuable skills for my post-graduate career and personal life. After receiving my master’s at the Brown University School for Public Health, I have worked in Pharmaceutical Market Access Consulting and in Healthcare Market Research. I can confidently say that there has never been a time when speaking Spanish has not been an asset to my personal growth, development or career advancement.”—Sarah Morris C’13

“I believe that the Spanish major at Drew University encompasses a good portion of the required understanding one needs in order to hold a B.A. The Spanish major is so flexible that I was able to combine it with my biology major. Adding it was one of the best decisions I have ever made given how much I have learned. After receiving my Master of Public Health from Rutgers School of Public Health and my Registered Environmental Health Specialist License, I work as a Program Coordinator of Medicaid Accountable Care Organization. Studying Spanish at Drew has helped me gain the confidence I need to be able to understand and communicate the medical needs of Spanish-speaking patients.”—Runi Patel C’14