The Spanish Department strives to prepare students to participate actively in today’s global world, where Spanish is a major language spoken by over 500 million speakers worldwide. Our program is designed to dually meet the needs of students who are learning Spanish as a second language as well as those students who are bilingual heritage learners.

The language program fosters communicative, proficiency-oriented learning while also providing students with ample opportunities to better understand the diversity of cultures that make up the Spanish-speaking world. Our flexible curriculum for majors and minors draws on rich, interdisciplinary approaches that allow students to explore and engage in the study of literature, linguistics, film and cultural studies across historical periods and across areas of the Spanish-speaking world, including Spain, Latin America, the Caribbean and Latin communities in the U.S.

Students acquire the ability to analyze cultural productions within their specific sociopolitical and historical contexts while also employing critical perspectives that take into account broader frameworks, including class, race, gender, sexuality and power relations. Many of our students refine their linguistic proficiency and cultural awareness by engaging in a period of study abroad in a Spanish-speaking country. Upon graduation, students majoring in Spanish are able to apply their language skills and cultural knowledge across a range of professions in the U.S. and abroad where multilingual and transcultural competence are in high demand.

I currently work on immigration policy, and my passion for this work was partially developed through my exposure to film, history, literature and even food classes offered by Drew’s Spanish department. Majoring in Spanish allowed me to engage in classes that taught me how the movement of peoples throughout history from all regions of the world has shaped the societies in which we live today. Without my engagement in this rigorous curriculum, I would not be able to think above and beyond about the issues I work with every day. ”
Hilda Bonilla C'16