The purpose of the Sociology Club is to present the Drew community with a forum for the presentation and discussion of sociological topics and issues of interest to both sociology majors and non-majors alike.

To achieve this goal the student officers of the club conduct a number of programs, including a Career Night which features Drew alumni discussing what they did with their sociology major and/or minor, a social with the departmental staff discussing the format of courses they will be offering in the upcoming semester, various lectures offered by outstanding speakers on topics relevant to sociology, and an array of films depicting contemporary sociological issues and topics.

Sociology Club events are open to all Drew students.

Sociology Club Executive Committee 2014-2015

President:  Farrah Ridore
Vice-President:  Pearl Lee
Treasurer:  Victoria Emm
Secretary:  Nicole Arias
Public Relations Samantha Rucko
Event Coordinator TJ Chiang