Research Institute for Scientists Emeriti (RISE)

One-of-a-kind science research program

In our RISE program, science students study with star researchers like Drew Fellow and 2015 Nobel Prize Winner William Campbell, as well as other industrial scientists who come to Drew from industry leaders like Lucent Technologies, Merck and Schering-Plough. With decades of leadership in biology, chemistry, mathematics and physics, these researchers work one-on-one with Drew undergraduate students, mentoring and guiding them as they perform hands-on research.

In my first foray into independent research through Drew's RISE program, I was able to work collaboratively with Bell Labs, a prestigious research and development institution. My project led to a journal publication, IEEE conference paper and presentation—and a patent. ”
Rayyan Sayeed C'17
Now pursuing PhD at Northwestern University

Prize-winning faculty

As a student, you may do work that gets you named in a scientific paper with a RISE Fellow. Working with our faculty—some of whom have as many as 200 patents to their names—puts you out in front of the professional scientific community.