The Speed Limit on the Drew University Campus is 15mph


Traffic and parking regulations are necessary to ensure the safety and convenience of the University community and our guests. The following regulations are designed to promote the safe flow of traffic on our campus and to provide as much on-campus parking as possible. To accomplish these goals all regulations will be vigorously enforced.  The online version of these traffic regulations is the most up-to-date and shall be regarded as the official guide to parking and driving on Drew University’s campus.

I. General Policies

Persons receiving more than three summonses in less than one academic year may lose their parking privileges and additional fines may be assessed.

Seniors and juniors in the College of Liberal Arts (Undergraduate), Theological and Graduate students, students who commute, the faculty and staff of Drew (including the employees of Drew’s vendors) may apply for a parking permit. Resident freshmen and sophomores are not eligible for annual parking privileges.

You may not register a vehicle for someone other than yourself. Students eligible to obtain a permit may only do so for their own vehicles, and the vehicle must belong to that student or to the person paying the student’s University bill.

Permission to drive or park a motor vehicle on campus is a privilege, not a right to which one is entitled by reason of enrollment in or employment by the University. A parking permit does not insure a parking space. Insufficient parking places in any one lot is no excuse for illegal parking.

It is expected that students who purchase a decal or who bring a car on campus at any time have read and understand all of these traffic and parking regulations. Any vehicle that is required to be registered by the State of NJ is subject to these regulations.

Violations of these regulations may subject the offender to fines, immobilization, permit revocation, and in serious cases, disciplinary action by the Judicial Board.

The University assumes no responsibility for the motor vehicle or its contents as to fire, theft or other damages.

During snow emergencies or other unusual circumstances, the Director of Public Safety may issue special directives. These directives will take precedence over any regulations in this document.

Any Drew University summons given to a student may be appealed. Appeals must be made within 30 days of issuance through the Parking Appeals Board. All decisions made by the Appeals Board are final and binding. Further information about the appeals process is provided later in this document.

Any unregistered or illegally parked vehicle is subject to being booted or towed at the violator’s expense.

Parking permit holders are not allowed under any circumstance to switch their parking decal from the registered vehicle to another. Changing permits or vehicles must be done through Public Safety.

All motor vehicle summonses must be answered. Do not ignore the summons. All summonses must be paid at the Business Office in Tilghman House. If you have a question concerning the summons, or, if you intend to appeal it, stop by the Department of Public Safety for information and/or appropriate forms.

Junior status is determined by your start date (aka “Social Class”),  although in the case of transfer students, your expected date of graduation will determine your social class.

Members of the Drew community who are not eligible to purchase an annual permit may not receive temporary permits for themselves, except for on weekends or with special permission from the Director of the Department of Public Safety prior to bringing the vehicle to campus.

II. Registering Vehicles and Obtaining Parking Permits

An email will be sent out advising students when the application process will begin.

To apply for a parking permit please visit and follow the online instructions.  Once you complete that process, you may pick up your parking decal at the Department of Public Safety located at the Pepin Services Center. If you are unable to log into the “myparking” system, please call or visit the Department of Public Safety for assistance.

Applicants receiving a parking permit must present: a Drew University identification card, a valid Driver’s License, vehicle registration (the vehicle being registered must belong to the student, parent, or guardian on student’s account), proof of insurance covering bodily injury and property damage liability.

No member of the Drew community may register a vehicle for another person. The vehicle must belong to the person registering the vehicle or to the person who pays his/her student bill.


  • ALL Residents (full-time or part-time) $200.00
  • All full-time COMMUTERS $200.00
  • Part-time COMMUTERS $100.00
  • High School Students (part-time) $100.00
  • Matriculation/Dissertation (0 credits) $100.00

Drew faculty and staff may receive a permit without charge as a benefit of employment.

All students with vehicles on campus are required to register them at the beginning of each new academic year (even if that same vehicle has been registered previously on campus). Any vehicle with an expired decal will be considered unregistered. Drew faculty and staff do not need to renew their registration annually, but will be asked to do so periodically by the Director of the Department of Public Safety.

The person to whom the parking decal is issued is responsible for all parking, traffic or other penalties, and for any liability or damage arising in connection with, possession or operation of, said motor vehicle.

No trailers, campers, motor homes, mopeds, snowmobiles or scooters of any type may be kept, used or parked on campus without special written permission from the Director of Public Safety.

Types of Parking Permits:

Faculty/Staff (F/S): Issued to members of the Drew faculty and staff, presenting a valid faculty/staff ID. This does not apply to students working at Drew during the summer or at any other time. Graduate students with student IDs who are also teaching at the University (adjunct faculty) are not eligible for a F/S permit.

Senior/Junior (S/J): Issued to resident seniors and juniors.

Commuter (C): Issued to non-resident undergraduate students.

Grad/Theo (G/T): Issued to all resident graduate and theological students.

Special Permit (S/P): Issued to students or persons eligible for special parking privileges. These include the following:  the teacher certificate program (not just coursework) at St. Elizabeth and summer school students who have not purchased an annual permit.

Weekend Temporary Permits: All students, including freshmen and sophomores, may obtain weekend temporary permits from 5:00pm Friday until 5:00pm Sunday, for themselves or for their guests. Vehicles must be off campus by 5:00pm on Sunday. Register the vehicle and pay at the gatehouse or at Public Safety. The cost is $3 per night. This parking pass will only allow parking privileges in the area designated on the permit. To obtain a weekend permit, the student must present his/her vehicle, driver’s license, and registration/insurance cards.

Guest Permits: Guests who have vehicles on campus are required to obtain a temporary parking permit. The permits can be obtained through the Department of Public Safety or at the gatehouse. The University host is responsible for any traffic citation issued to the guest’s vehicle. Guest permits will be limited to 24 hours, except for weekends, and cost $3 per night. A University host may not obtain a guest permit prior to the arrival of their guest, as the guest’s car must be present. To obtain a guest permit, the guest must present his/her vehicle, driver’s license, and registration/insurance cards and the university host must be present.

Members of the Drew community who are not eligible to purchase an annual permit may not receive temporary permits for themselves, except on weekends.

III. Parking

There is no parking or standing allowed, for any amount of time, in the following places:

  • fire zones
  • within fifty (50) feet of a stop sign
  • within ten (10) feet of a fire hydrant
  • in a Handicap parking space without authorization by the state of New Jersey
  • crosswalks
  • lawns or other unpaved areas
  • walkways
  • roadways
  • in front of dumpsters
  • in areas striped out with yellow lines
  • along any obstruction or excavation in a roadway
  • in any place marked “No Parking”
  • along the bottom of Sitterly Lot
  • in the circles of Brothers College, President’s House, Hall of Science, Tolley-Brown, Smith, Davies, and Riker. These are fire zones and you will be ticketed and/or towed.

Faculty/Staff spaces are marked by signs and/or yellow lines between the spaces. They are restricted to F/S permit holders only.

Entire lots restricted to F/S permit holders are as follows:

  • The Mead Hall circle and the road in front of Mead Hall, excluding the spaces restricted by sign to the President’s Office, Trustees, or Admissions. All parking in the circle between the hours of 2:00am and 7:00am is prohibited.
  • The Dorothy Young Arts Center Lot from 8am to 5pm weekdays.
  • The parking lot behind Health Services at all times.
  • The Hannan House parking lot at all times.
  • The Hall of Sciences parking lot from 8am to 5pm weekdays.
  • 12 Campus Drive at all times.
  • The parking spaces behind Lewis House at all times.
  • Parking in the lot immediately behind the United Methodist Church.

Parking in the Red and Blue S/J areas is restricted AT ALL TIMES to only those vehicles with the proper color S/J decal. All others will be towed and fined.

The Faculty/Staff spaces in the Ehinger Center lot and behind the Pub are restricted to F/S permit holders between 8:00am and 5:00pm Monday through Friday.

Spaces in the Tilghman lot marked by signs are for service vehicles only.

Guests and visitors must park in the Tilghman lot unless instructed otherwise by The Department of Public Safety.

Double parking is prohibited.

Any vehicle parked illegally because it is disabled, or for an emergency, must be reported to the Department of Public Safety immediately. Abandonment of a vehicle or keeping a vehicle that is not in operating condition on the campus is prohibited.

Motorcycles may only park in regular parking lots and spaces.

Where Am I Allowed To Park?

S/J (Senior/Junior) PERMIT HOLDERS:

1. Red S/J Permit Holders:

  • Glenwild Lot
  • The campus roadway between Riker Hall and the tennis courts behind the Forum (except for faculty/staff designated spaces)
  • HERB Circle
  • The parallel spaces along the roadway immediately behind Ehinger Center

2. Blue S/J Permit Holders:

  • Asbury gravel lot
  • Hoyt-Bowne lot
  • The 8 spaces in the UC lot adjacent to the Handicapped parking

3. Yellow S/J Permit Holders:

  • Main Lot and Tilghman lots white lined spaces only.


S/J cars with the red or blue colored decals may be parked in any spot in their designated area and must be parked in their designated area between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Between 5:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m.  S/J cars with a yellow decal may park in the Main or Tilghman lots at any time or in any legal spot on campus not otherwise specified for a specific purpose or group. AT ALL TIMES, only cars with red S/J decals may be parked in the Red S/J Zone and only cars with blue S/J decals may be parked in the Blue S/J Zone.


  • Commuter Lot behind Sitterly House. The lines are painted in green.
  • Main and Tilghman lots, white lined spaces. (Do not park in the yellow-lined spaces in this lot. They are reserved for faculty/staff.)


  • In the Grad/Theo Lot (A.K.A. the Wendel-Tipple lot).
  • The Main or Tilghman lots white lined spaces.

S/P (Special Permit) PERMIT HOLDERS:

  • Any white-lined space in the Main or Tilghman lots only.

F/S (Faculty/Staff) PERMIT HOLDERS:

  • Lots designated for F/S (marked with signs and/or yellow-lined spaces) and in any white-lined space on campus not otherwise designated for a particular group.

IV. Driving Regulations & Restrictions

  1. You must stop for pedestrians in crosswalks on campus, as prescribed by NJ state law.
  2. Motor vehicles shall be operated in a safe and prudent manner at all times. Any person tailgating, swerving or driving in an otherwise erratic or dangerous manner may be cited for careless or reckless driving.
  3. The speed limit on campus is 15 miles per hour.
  4. Driving on the lawns, walkways, and service drives (except by maintenance and emergency vehicles) is prohibited.
  5. All motor vehicle accidents that involve personal injury or property damage must be reported to The Department of Public Safety.
  6. The speed limit on the Drew University campus is 15 MPH and is strictly enforced.

V. Penalties for Violations

Enforcement of the parking rules begins on the first Saturday of the fall semester after the start of classes and continues through the last day of August.

Individuals will be notified of any violation of these regulations through a summons issued by a uniformed Officer. This summons will be given to the person, affixed to the vehicle in question, or delivered by campus mail or US mail to the offender.  Please note that many fines double on or after the third offense.

Every summons must be answered. Do not ignore a summons!

Persons receiving more than three summonses in less than one academic year may lose their parking or driving privileges and additional fines may be assessed. Summonses that are appealed and are granted exemption will not be included in this count.

In some cases, violators may also be referred for disciplinary action and/or a judicial hearing.

There will be a $300 fine and permit revocation for the following offenses (if more than one individual is involved in an incident, the fine may be divided between the individuals or each person may be fined $300):

  1. Registering a vehicle for another person or providing a permit to another person who does not have parking privileges.
  2. Registering a vehicle and purchasing a permit for yourself when you are not entitled to parking privileges.
  3. Falsifying a decal.
  4. Switching a permit from one vehicle to another. Permits must match the vehicle description on file at the Department of Public Safety.
  5. Having a vehicle on campus with a revoked permit.

Other Offenses:

Parking in the S/J Red and Blue areas by vehicles without the appropriate decal. (AT ALL TIMES, ONLY CARS WITH THE APPROPRIATE COLOR DECAL MAY PARK IN THESE AREAS. NO EXCEPTIONS!):

  • First and second violations: vehicle may be impounded or a boot affixed and a $50 fine assessed.
  • At the third offense: vehicle will be impounded, a $70 fine assessed, and the student will lose parking privileges for one calendar year.

Parking by Red and Blue S/J permit holders on campus outside of their designated parking area between 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday:

  • First and second violations: vehicle will be impounded and a $50 fine assessed.
  • At the third offense: vehicle will be impounded, a $70 fine assessed, and the student will lose parking privileges for one calendar year.

Unregistered Vehicle: Your vehicle may be booted or towed/impounded at any time at the owner’s expense.

First and second offense is $35 fine.

Third offense is $70 fine and your vehicle will be impounded or immobilized with a “boot.”

Handicap Parking:

$100 fine for each offense and your vehicle may be impounded and/or a municipal summons may be issued.

Fire Zone:

$100 fine and your vehicle may be impounded and/or a municipal summons may be issued.

Failure to Stop at a Stop Sign:

$50 fine for each offense.

Careless Driving:

$50 fine for each offense and/or a municipal summons may be issued.

Illegal Parking:

Your vehicle may be towed/impounded at any time.

$35 fine for first and second offense. Third offense is $70 fine.

Failure To Obey Signs: $50 fine (applies to both parking and moving violations)

Other Common Violations (includes, but not limited to): Reckless Driving, Speeding, Overnight Parking in designated No Overnight Parking zones, Driving While Intoxicated, Disregarding an Officer’s Signal, etc.

Any vehicle parked on campus for any amount of time in a fire zone or other area that inhibits fire safety, or is blocking an egress or thoroughfare, may be towed and impounded at the owner’s expense.

Fines must be paid at the Business Office in Tilghman House before the end of the semester in which the violation occurred, either in person or by mail.

Any charges imposed for violations will be charged to the person’s account in the Business Office. No student will be permitted to graduate, or obtain a transcript of their University record, add or drop courses, or otherwise have his/her requests of the University fulfilled until these charges have been paid in full.

All summonses received and fines incurred by non-students MUST be answered. DO NOT IGNORE MOTOR VEHICLE SUMMONSES. Failure to pay fines in full at the Business Office can result in loss of parking and driving privileges on campus and/or your vehicle being impounded at the owner’s expense until all fines are paid.

For municipal summonses received on Drew University property:

Contact the Madison Borough Violations Bureau, located in Borough Hall. The Violations Bureau is open weekdays to the public between the hours of 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Court sessions are held every Tuesday evening at 6:30 p.m. Trial date adjournments must be requested during the business day. The Court will not grant adjournments by leaving voice mail messages.

Vehicles Towed From Campus:

Vehicles towed from campus are impounded by DeFalco’s Automotive and Towing in Chatham, NJ. To pick up your vehicle, you must first obtain a release form from the Department of Public Safety and bring it with you to DeFalco’s. Do not go to DeFalco’s without first obtaining this release form or you will not receive your vehicle. DeFalco’s charges a minimum of $125 for towing and impounding your vehicle.

Vehicle Immobilization (Boot):

Vehicles booted on campus are subject to a $75 immobilization release fee.  A release form must first be obtained in the Department of Public Safety before device will be removed from vehicle.

Ticket Appeals Process:

Tickets must be appealed within seven (7) days of the date the ticket was issued. After seven days, the right to appeal is lost and the violator is then responsible for all fines associated with the ticket.

Towing costs may NOT be appealed.

University Traffic Appeals Court appearance by the appellant is optional. You will be notified about the hearing date. Appellants who chose not to appear will be informed in writing of the college magistrate’s decision. All decisions made by the appeals board are final and binding.

  • Obtain and complete Appeals Form at Public Safety Headquarters (Pepin Bldg)
  • Attach a copy of your ticket (save original)
  • Prepare a written statement explaining your reasons for appealing the ticket
  • For appeals by Drew students and non-students, send a completed form, your written statement, and a copy of the ticket to the Traffic Violations Appeals Board at Public Safety Headquarters.
  • For appeals by Drew faculty or staff members, send the same to Bob Meade at HCH.

Payment of Fines: Fines may be paid by mail or in person at the Drew University Business Office in Tilghman House. Checks or Money Order should be made payable to Drew University.

VI. Department of Public Safety Services

Drew University’s Department of Public Safety provides the Drew community and its students with a safe environment in which to live, study and pursue educational goals. We are open 24 hours day, seven days a week, and respond to all emergency calls. Responsibilities also include crime prevention and investigation, fire safety, parking and enforcement of other campus regulations. The Department is recognized throughout the state for its highly trained staff of professional men and women and it provides a level of service usually associated with larger campus communities. For complete information about Public Safety and the services it provides, Chief Robert Lucid welcomes you to visit the Department in the Pepin Building at any time.

VII. Gate Hours

The Main gate and church gate are open from 6am to 8pm. The Glenwild gate is open from 6am to 8pm (closed from 8am to 9am and again from 3pm to 4pm for the safety of nearby elementary school students). All motor vehicle traffic must enter at Lancaster Road from 7pm-7am and check-in with the Gatehouse Officer.

VIII. Escorts

At night, if the only available parking spaces are in the Tilghman lot, far away from your residence hall, go to the gatehouse or to the Department of Public Safety in the Pepin Building. An Officer will escort you from your vehicle to your residence hall, when available. This service is provided explicitly to members of the community who do not feel comfortable walking alone at night, or have a medical condition that creates undue hardship by walking long distances. All efforts will be made to accommodate you!