Carol Ueland

Professor of Russian
Program Director
Brother’s College


  • B.A. Mount Holyoke College,
  • M.A. Fordham University,
  • M.A. & Ph. D. Columbia University


1st-4th year language, Russian literature in translation.

Recent Publications

“The eastern path of exile: Russian women’s writing in China” in A History of Women’s Writing in Russia, Cambridge U.P., 2002.Translations of Aleksandr Kushner in World Literature Today, winter 2002.

Research Interests

20th-century Russian literature, women’s studies, poetry, translation studies.

meJoanna Madloch

Adjunct Professor of Russian


  • Ph.D., 1999, University of Silesia, summa cum laude. Dissertation: ”Wczesna poezja Josifa Brodskiego” (“The Early Poetry of Joseph Brodsky”)
  • B.A/M.A., 1993, University of Silesia, summa cum laude. Thesis: ”Motywy antyczne w twórczości Josifa Brodskiego” (“The Ancient Motifs in Joseph Brodsky’s Work”)

Recent Publications

  • Wczesna twórczość Josifa Brodskiego. (The Early Poetry of Joseph Brodsky.) Katowice: Śląsk, 2000.
  • Brodski w analizach i anterpretacjach. (Brodsky in Analyzes and Interpretations.) Katowice: Śląsk, 2000.

Research & Teaching Interests

General Humanities, Mythology, Literature, Literature and Media (Photography), Photography in Culture