William C. Campbell


Parasitologist, Fellow 1990 – 2010,  RISE Associate since 2010, formerly Senior Director, Basic Parasitology, Merck & Company, Inc.

Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, 1957

Research Interests: Parasitology, chemotherapy of parasitic infections

Contact: wcampbel@drew.edu,  973-408-3096

Neal C. Connors

Microbiologist, Current RISE Fellow, RISE Associate 2012-2015.  Formerly Senior Investigator, Bioprocess R&D, Merck Research Labs.  Currently President of Phoenix BioConsulting, LLC and CTO of Kalion, Inc

Ph.D., Ohio State University, 1991.

Research Interests: Microbial fermentation, bioprocess development, therapeutic natural products, renewable fuels and chemicals.

Contact: nconnors@drew.edu, 973-408-3794, HSC 318

Bimalendu DasMahapatra

photo of bimalendu dasmahapatra

Molecular Biologist, Fellow since 2011, formerly Research Fellow of Oncology and Virology drug discovery research at Schering-Plough Co.

Ph.D., University of Calcutta, India, 1977

Research Interests: Drug discovery in Oncology. Studying tumor suppressor genes, oncogenes and their functional modulation by small molecules for development of cancer therapeutics. Antiviral discovery research.

Contact: bdasmahapatra@drew.edu  973-408-3078, HSC 334

Arnold L. Demain

Microbial Biochemist, Fellow since 2001, formerly Professor of Industrial Microbiology in the Biology Department, MIT.

Previously Founder and Head of Department of Fermentation Microbiology at Merck & Co., Inc.

Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley and Davis, 1954

Research Interests: Regulation of microbial fermentations, biotransformations, natural products

Contact: ademain@drew.edu, 973-408-3937, HSC 330

Ronald J. Doll

Organic Chemist, Fellow since 2010, formerly Director of Chemical Research, Infectious Diseases and Tumor Biology, Schering-Plough Research Institute and Merck Research Laboratories.

Ph.D., Duke University, 1975.

Research Interests: Synthetic organic chemistry, medicinal chemistry, synthetic methods and preparing compounds with interesting biological, chemical and physical properties.

Contact: rdoll@drew.edu, 973-408-3168, HSC 332

John R. Eickmeyer

John E 002

Physicist, Systems Engineer, Fellow since 2012, formerly Distinguished Member of Technical Staff, General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems and Chief Engineer, Bell Laboratories.

Ph.D. Cornell University 1976

Research Interests: Optics; Optical Communications; Fundamental Problems in Quantum Mechanics including coherence, decoherence and the transition to classical physics.

Contact: jeickmeyer1@drew.edu  973-408-4983, HSC 316

C. Anderson Evans

andyevansphotoSpectroscopist, Current RISE Fellow, RISE Associate 2012-2015. Former member of Small Molecule Structure Elucidation Group at Schering-Plough and Merck.

B.S. Chem at Georgia Tech, Ph. D. Organic Chemistry, University of Georgia, 1974

Research Interests:  Organic structure determination, small molecule binding
to micelles, NMR pulse programming, NMR density matrix calculations

Contact:  cevans1@drew.edu  973-408-4981, HSC 325

Vince Gullo

Organic Chemist, Fellow since 2007, formerly Vice President of Drug Discovery, Cetek Corporation, previously, Senior Director of New Lead Discovery, Schering Plough Research Institute, and Research Fellow, Natural Product Chemistry, Merck & Co., Inc.

Ph.D., Columbia University, 1975

Research Interests: Drug discovery, natural products, high throughput screening, medicinal chemistry

Contact: vgullo@drew.edu, 973-408-3904, HSC 331

Jon R. Kettenring

Statistician, Director of RISE since 2008, Fellow since 2004, formerly Executive Director, Bellcore and Telcordia Technologies.

Ph.D., University of North Carolina, 1969

Research Interests: Multivariate methods, robust methods, outlier detection, cluster analysis, data analysis

Contact: jkettenr@drew.edu, 973-408-3829, HSC 322

James M. Miller

Chemist, Fellow since 1997 2013, RISE Associate since 2013, formerly Professor of Chemistry, Drew University.

Ph.D., Purdue University, 1960

Research Interests: Analytical chemistry, chromatography, capillary electrophoresis

Contact: jmiller@drew.edu, 973-408-3369

Barbara Petrack

Biochemist, RISE Emerita 2014, RISE Fellow 1997-2014, formerly Research Fellow, CIBA-Geigy (Novartis).

Ph.D., New York University Medical Center, 1957

Research Interests: Enzymology, regulation of metabolism, nitric oxide, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes

Contact: bpetrack@drew.edu, 973-408-3567