The Early History of RISE

1971 The seed is planted

1976 An adjunct research professorship is established

First holder William Moran, retired Director of Chemical Manufacturing at CIBA

Five students mentored in three years

Program named RISE (Research Institute for Scientists Emeriti)

1979 Program approved by Board of Trustees

First director: George deStevens, former Executive VP and Research Director, Pharma Division of CIBA-Geigy.  Dr. deStevens was internationally known for his discovery of the two most widely prescribed drugs for high blood pressure. He founded the institute and directed it until his death in 1995.

Fundraising campaign begins

 Initial Funding and Developments

Naming grant from Charles A. Dana Foundation ($250,000)

Pew Memorial Trust Grant (250,000)

Smaller grants from pharmaceutical firms

Total pledges received by 1982: $1.25 million

Construction of offices and laboratories begin on third floor of the Hall of Sciences

Formal Dedication on April 23, 1986

Full recruitment begins

Second Phase of Development

Laboratory space constructed for biologists

Grants totaling $250,000 received from Mellon Foundation,

CIBA-Geigy, Hoechst Celanese, Merck, and Schering-Plough

Formal Dedication of new laboratory on March 30, 1992

(Keynote address by Walter Massey, director of NSF)

RISE Directors

 Jon R. Kettenring, former Executive Director, Bellcore and Telcordia
Technologies, 2008 – present

Ashley H. Carter, former Department Head and Distinguished Member
of Technical Staff, Bell Laboratories, 1999 – 2008

Sydney Udenfriend, former Founding Director of the Roche Institute of
Molecular Biology, 1996 – 1999

George deStevens, former Executive Vice President and Director of Research,
CIBA-Geigy Corporation – 1979 – 1995


For a more detailed history on the early days of RISE, please click here to view a document written by RISE Associate, Jim Miller.