Drew acquires a Bruker 400 MHz NMR

Lundbeck Research USA Inc. of Paramus, NJ donated a state-of-the-art Bruker 400 MHz NMR to Drew University, to be used primarily by the Chemistry Department  and RISE.  This new NMR will facilitate the structure determination of molecules using techniques such as multinuclear and 2-dimensional NMR, and it will give our students hands-on experience with these experimental techniques.

The Dana Research Institute for Scientists Emeriti occupies approximately 4,000 square feet of space on the third floor of Drew’s Hall of Sciences. It includes two large laboratories for biology and chemistry research, a seminar room with ample space for meetings and group study, and The Ashley Carter Memorial Library with many books on mathematics and the sciences as well as study carrels.

The RISE Fellows and their students have access to modern, state of the art, analytical instrumentation including liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry (LC/MS), for separating and identifying components of a mixture, and high-field nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometry (NMR) for determining molecular structures.

Also available is a mammalian tissue culture lab.  This allows our scientists to grow mammalian cells, such as human tumor cells, to be used in our biological and drug discovery projects.

The tissue culture room is under positive air pressure to diminish entry of external contamination and has two ceiling HEPA filters to maintain a clean air environment within the room.  It also contains four incubators with CO2 gas inputs for growing and assaying cells in culture, a HEPA-filtered tissue culture hood for cell work outside the incubators, a phase contrast microscope for viewing and counting cells and a portable liquid nitrogen cell unit for long-term cell storage.  The room is stocked with sterile tissue culture flasks, assay plates, filters, tubes, pipettes and cell freezing vials.  An appropriate cell centrifuge is available outside the tissue culture room.