Comments From Former ResMed Attendees

ResMed 2013

    • “By far the most useful short course/seminar that I have been to.”
    • “Outstanding! Well selected lecturers, logical progression with just the right amount of overlap. Comprehensive.”
    • “It is an intensive series of lectures from a collection of high-profile veterans of the industry presenting topics, concepts and strategies in Med Chem that the beginning medicinal chemist would not have heard about in his/her training. Well done in terms of the breadth and depth of the material covered. Quite an intensive week!”
    • “Very helpful, practical, informative, a must for all newcomers to the pharma industry.”

ResMed 2012

    • “Excellent. I broadened my knowledge of drug discovery area from beginning hit to final clinical study.”
    • “The Drew organizers have brought in really good speakers in general. It was also good to do some ‘networking’.”
    • “Lecturers were excellent. Gained a lot of insight into related fields.”
    • “Excellent- so useful for me. I am new to medicinal chemistry (I spent many years in process chemistry). Everyone needs to take this course.”
    • “Excellent, excellent resource and learning experience. Many industry novices have little to no exposure to these topics of areas and this course provides sufficient overview and detail of these topics. Even educational and refreshing for experienced professionals.”