Emancipated undergraduate, resident student who consider the University to be their primary residence and plan to live on campus throughout the year, will be accommodated as follows.

Emancipated resident students may reside on campus through the entire year.  In addition to fall and spring semester housing, breaks which occur either during the semester or, between semesters, will be identified along with the location for housing.  It will be necessary for an emancipated student to move from his/her current housing location to other buildings over breaks.  There is an additional charge for each break.  In addition to the fall and spring semesters, housing is available during the break periods below.

Break Period Housing

  • Thanksgiving Break (meals not included)
  • Winter Interim (meals not included)
  • January (meals included)
  • Spring Break (meals not included)
  • Summer Housing- (meals not included)

The Housing Office sends out announcements prior to each break with information regarding the cost and location.  Emancipated students must complete and return to the Housing Office an application for each break as do any other residential student wishing to remain on campus over the break.

Room Selection Process

The room selection process for the upcoming academic year will be the same process for emancipated students as for dependent students.  The location of breaks will be posted prior to room selection.  It may be possible for an emancipated student to choose a housing assignment which minimizes the number of moves during the year.  They will not, however, be given a preference regarding their lottery number for room selection.