Living on Campus:
First-year students will reside in double occupancy rooms and a few triples. Students are encouraged to decorate their rooms to make them personally appealing and to reflect their interests.  All windows have shades or miniblinds, and other window coverings are permitted.

Housing Deposits:
Housing Deposits are due May 1, 2018.

Completing the Housing Application:
All students must complete the on-line housing application by July 15, 2018, to be assigned housing for the fall semester.  To complete your housing application:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your name and password.
  3. Select “Applications” at top of screen.
  4. Select the application- CLA First Year and Transfer Student. (Fall 2018)
  5. Read over the Housing Agreement. You must agree to these terms to proceed.
  6. Type your name into the Electronic Signature and press “Continue”.
  7. Answer all personal preference questions. Click on “Continue.”
  8. You will select your meal plan preference for next fall at this time.
  9. You have now completed the First Year and Transfer Students application.

Choosing a Roommate:
First-Year students may choose a roommate for the fall semester. However, most students do NOT select a roommate.  Drew, like all colleges, assigns roommates. Most students, however, will have an assigned roommate by July 20th. Students who do not choose a roommate will be paired with a roommate based on the questions on the Housing Application.

In cases where friendships have developed and students wish to live together, students may request a roommate between June 1st through July 15th.  Both students must first complete the Housing Application.  To choose a roommate follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your name and password.
  3. Select “Room Selection” at top of screen.
  4. Select “Roommate/Suitemate”.
  5. Select term, “Fall 2018”
  6. To select a roommate, search for them via name or, Drew e-mail address and press, “Begin Search”.
  7. Please note, if your desired roommate has not completed their on-line application you will not be able to find them and request them as your roommate.
  8. Your requested roommate will have to confirm your request and agree to you as roommate by following the same instructions and selecting “accept” (green) to your request.
  9. In the section marked Roommate Request it will say “Your roommate group is fully matched”.

Both students must complete this process and choose each other in order for the request to be processed.
Note: Completing this roommate selection process does not guarantee that you will be paired together.

We encourage you to contact your roommate prior to arriving on campus to coordinate room set-up.  For example:  common items as carpets, ordering micro-refrigerators,  and televisions.

A bed frame, mattress, dresser, desk, desk chair, mirror, wastebasket and hanging space or wardrobes are provided in each room. Mattresses are extra-long measuring 35” x 80”.   All rooms have at least one window.

Information on all of the Residence Halls

Substance-Free Floor
Welch third floor (first-year students only)
Haselton first floor (upper-class hall)
The substance-free floors provide students with an environment free from the issues often associated with alcohol and drug use. Students who live on these floors must sign an agreement stating they will not drink alcohol, smoke, or use illegal or illicit substances on the floor.