The University believes that learning takes place outside the classroom as well as within. An important component of the college experience is living in community with others, participating in student organizations and attending events. There are a variety of housing styles for undergraduates including theme houses, special interest floors, suites, and many single occupancy rooms.  In addition, dynamic programming takes place in all residence halls.  Thus, all undergraduate students are expected to live on campus in order to fully benefit from the residential experience and co-curricular activities and to enjoy the full advantages of residential learning.

All full time, enrolled, undergraduate students are required to live on campus during their years of study at Drew.  Students can apply for commuter status if they will be residing with a parent or, family member designated by a parent, and live within a fifty mile radius of the campus.

A) Change to Commuter Status.

B) Juniors and seniors who want to experience off campus living can petition to change their status by completing this form.

All questions must be completed.