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In the efforts to preserve the Latino history and culture, the La Casa Latina Theme House aspires to instill the significance of the Latino heritage within the Drew Community. Its members strive toward broadening the education of and securing knowledge about the Latino culture and community within and around Drew University. The ambition of House Members is to raise awareness surrounding issues that concern Latinos through programming, which serves as a means of strengthening the presence and importance of diversity at this institution.

Along with this exchange of culture, La Casa Latina provides an environment where education can continue beyond the classroom. It is a place that allows individuals to explore, experience, and absorb culture through language, traditions, food, values and music, where diversity is represented in its fullest extent. The doors of La Casa Latina lead to a world of knowledge and growth, for it is more than a place to live and learn – it is a home, a safe home.

The La Casa Latina Theme House also acts as a connection between Ariel, the Latino Cultural Society, the Spanish Department and the Latin American Studies Department. Through La Casa Latina, these groups are able to come together and form a larger community among those interested in Latin America and Latinos in the United States. This collective group furthers the education that occurs within the Drew Community by enhancing the academic and cultural experiences of Drew Students that La Casa Latina executes as part of its mission.

La Casa Latina House Assistant: Danah Lewis

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