The Offices of Academic Affairs and Campus Life and Student Affairs partner to offer unique opportunities for incoming first-years,FirstHERBProgram transfer, and returning residential students.  Residents may participate in unique opportunities to establish and maintain programs that enrich their academic and residential experience.   Our Special Interest areas include Baldwin Honors, Civic Scholars, CLA Theme Houses, Global Village, Quiet Floors, and Wellness/Substance Free Floors. Wellness/Substance floors are in first-year and upperclass residence halls.

First Year Special Interest areas include the Civic Scholars, Global Village and Wellness/Substance Free Floors.  These allow first-year residents to reside with classmates who are participating in similar classes or wish to be in a similar environment.  More opportunities for connecting with faculty, staff, and student mentors within their residence hall are encouraged by choosing to live on these floors.  These programs provide further engagement in classroom experiences, ease into community living, and participate in extra-curricular activities. Please explore their specific pages to learn more about the programs.  Other events center on guest speakers and trips for these communities.

Upperclass Special Interest Areas include the Baldwin Scholars, CLA Theme Houses, Quiet Floors, Wellness/Substance Free Floors.

Research indicates that Living Learning Communities (LLCs), like the ones above, foster liberal arts education, deepen student-faculty relationships, and empower students to grow and develop. Further, LLC participants may increase their grade point average, have a greater sense of satisfaction and stronger relationships with faculty members. Direct correlations exist among students who persist and succeed is directly related to the culture of learning established across the campus. LLCs foster this environment, add to intellectual curiosity, and increase the bonds between students and faculty.

Roommates and Room Assignments

In creating these environments, studies and experience show that intact cohort communities create the optimal environment for the best experience.  As such, your roommate will also be a student in the same special Interest program.  You must live on the specific special interest floor to be a member of this group, unless you are a commuter student.  Additionally, non members of the special interest group can not live on the floor.  assignments are made via the Housing Office.

Contact Us

Space is limited in these exciting programs.  For more information about any of our programs, please contact the Office of Residence Life at or 973-408-3394.  Please explore the specific programs on the webpages for more detailed information.