The Office of Residence Life hosts, supports, and sponsors hundreds of programs each semester.  We offer all types of programs ranging from social, educational, diversity, and community oriented programs. The first-year hall staffs gear their programming around topics that would assist freshman including icebreakers, team builders, socials, and academic-oriented educational programs. Our upperclassmen staffs try to gear their programming towards life after Drew, preparing our residents for life beyond the University in the Forest.

Our community living encourages critical thinking, development of leadership skills, and exploration of self.  We provide students with an inclusive, healthy and welcoming home.  We encourage our residents to positively connect to Drew University and become global citizens.

When in doubt or just looking for something to do, ask a Resident Assistant or House Assistant and they can tell you what’s going on! We provided the who, what, where, when, why, and how’s below for your convenience!

Who Do We Program For?

The Office of Residence Life programs for all of our resident students.  We always assess the needs of our residents to develop, organize, and implement programs that residents are genuinely interested in.  We do this by asking what the resident’s want to see, what they are interested in, and twist it to create fun and educational events.  Whether we program towards first-years or upperclassmen, each program is carefully planned out ahead of time, supplies are purchased, and we host boastful programs.  In fact, we’re probably planning a few programs while you’re reading this!  Come see what we have to offer.

Where Do Our Programs Take Place?

Our programs take place all over campus. Generally, the programs that the Resident Assistants and House Assistants plan, take place in their respective Residence Hall or surrounding areas.  While these programs may not be publicized to other Residence Halls, they are more than welcome to attend.  Our large scale programs can take place anywhere from the University Center, to the Commons, to Lounges, and the Forum.  We’ve even taken over the entire campus for themed programs.

When Do Programs Occur?

We try our best to plan programs at times most convenient for residents. Generally, most programs are scheduled for the evening, unless on weekends; when they can be scheduled anytime.

Why Do We Program?

We program for our residents, to make sure that we are more then just a dormitory. A Residence Hall bring life into the living areas and programming helps to create an enriching community. We strive to offer programming that supports other aspects of living on campus. Plus our staff works to tailor their living environment to their residence needs.

How Do I Get Involved?

Well, how do you want to get involved?  Do you want to participate in a program?  If so, then all you have to do is show up.  Do you want to help develop a program? Talk with your RA/HA or join the Residence Hall Association or Complex’s Living Council.  Do you want to join an organization that plans multiple programs? Well then, we have the perfect thing for you. Join the Residence Hall Association or your Complex’s Living Council.  Talk to the Resident Assistant or Coordinator of Residential Engagement for some more information.  We are always excited members share their ideas!