Residence Life

ResLife LogoWe serve all residents accepted in all three schools at Drew, College of Liberal Arts, Caspersen School of Graduate Studies, and the Theological School.

Our mission is to provide a residential experience in which students can “Live, Act, and Learn,” via quality programs and services in all of our residence halls.

We promote residential student success by being an extension of the classroom.  Our community living encourages critical thinking, development of leadership skills, and exploration of self.  We provide students with an inclusive, healthy and welcoming home.  We encourage our residents to positively connect to Drew University and become global citizens.

Education and Awareness

is an important component of residence life. We incorporate a plethora of awareness training programs into our professional, graduate, and student staff training sessions. Residence Hall programs and events are designed to be sensitive to all residents within our residence hall communities.   The Residence Life Staff programs on a variety of topics that addresses the needs of our populations.

Counseling and Special Assistance

is available to a student 24 hours a day. If you need special assistance the Counseling Center is open Monday – Friday from 9am – 5pm.  Appointments can be made by calling 973-408-3398.  They also supervise a peer group called the “GOOD” line that is available to all students at 973-408-4663 from 5pm – 9am.  You may also consult your RA or stop by the Office of Residence Life for assistance.  When the office closes at 5 pm, there is always an RA and a CRD on duty.  Essentially there is a ResLife staff member available 24/7 for emergencies.   If your RA is unavailable, there is an on-duty RA available. The duty schedule is posted outside your RA’s door and on the ResLife website here.  If your RA is not available, please contact Public Safety at 973-408-3379 and they will contact the CRD on duty if necessary.  To view more about Counseling Services, please check this out: Counseling Services

Living with a Roommate

questions and concerns you may have regarding learning to live with a non-family member may be resolved by meeting with your RA. If you find that you still need help, you can make an appointment with your Resident Director.  Check out this: Living with a Roommate  for further solutions!

Room Changes

are not encouraged and only approved as a last resort. If you have a special need you must make an appointment with your CRD. No room changes are made during the first few weeks of school.  After this period, and in consultation with your CRD, you must contact Housing to fill out appropriate paperwork.

Residence Hall Concerns

Please let your RA or the Office of Residence Life know if you have any concerns. If your complaint falls under a Housing Office function, follow up with the Housing Office first. If you need further assistance, contact the Office of Residence Life, or your CRD.

Residence Hall Policies

are made for the good of the residence hall community. Therefore, it is expected that resident students and their guests understand and fully adhere to all policies. Please read through the policies listed in Daniel’s Dictionary,the University Handbook, and ask your RA or Complex Residence Director about anything that may seem unclear.

Residence Hall Programming

is provided on floors and in houses by CLA RAs and HAs. Programming for each area is provided by the Office of Residence Life, Residence Hall Association, or Living Council. Programming events are advertised around the residence halls. If you have programming ideas  for CLA, Graduate or Theological Residence Halls, you would like to see presented in your area, contact your RA or CRD.

Residence Hall Lounges

are open and made available for the use of everyone.  If you require to program or to use the lounge for a specific reason, please make sure you request the space.  You may do so by completing a request at  If you require an area that is outside of the lounge, please contact the Office of Housing, Conferences, and Hospitality to confirm your request.