The Welch/Holloway Complex was renovated in 2013 (Welch) and 2000 (Holloway). These Residence Halls are located on the brim towards the backside of campus; bordering the Forum, Commons and HERB Complex. Generally housing  first year and residents, Welch/Holloway encompasses a tight-knit community. Bridging the two Halls is the Welch/Holloway Lounge. This is located on the first floor and is where residents gather to study, watch tv, relax, and enjoy programs. There is a  kitchenette attached to the lounge where students are welcome to cook and bake. Outside the Welch/Holloway Complex sits the patio. The patio is come to a small picnic area that all the residents hang out to socialize.

Welch Hall contains three stories and a basement. This traditional style hall is co-ed by room. On each floor is a small lounge with a kitchenette area that contains a sink and a microwave. Residents have access to these areas 24/7. The basement houses a laundry room for residents.

Welch Hall houses Civic Scholars and the substance free floor.

Information regarding individual room width/length may be found here Welch Room and Window measurements. There are multiple individual bathrooms located on each floor. Each bathroom has a toilet, sink, and shower.

Welch Hall Facts:

Description Capacity Room Type Room Size Window Size
  • Traditional Styled
  • Co-Ed by room
  • 138 Residents
  • 3 Resident Assistants
  • 1 Resident Director
  • 63 Doubles
  • 3 Singles
  • 3 Triples
  • 1 Apartment
  • Double: approx. 16’6″ x 10′(L shaped room)
  • 44″ wide
  • 62″ high




Other Information

  • Houses washers, dryers, and kitchen
  • Shares a large lounge with Holloway