The HERB Complex consists of 4 different style halls that all create a true campus-like appeal. Haselton, Eberhardt, Riker, and Baldwin Hall all have different qualities that add to the upper-classmen experience. The HERB Complex is situated right in the heart of campus, right next to the University Center! Each of these buildings have been recently renovated to maximize the resident’s academic learning-living experience. Walk through this Complex, and you’ll feel a sense of true tight-knit community and like home.

Riker Hall is a unique to itself. Riker is a quad-styled building. Maximum occupancy 156: 21 sets of 4 connected singles (aka:  Singles Quads); 14 sets of 2 connected doubles (aka Doubles Quads); 8 sets of 2 connected singles (aka Duplexes). There are two RAs, each of which has a room mate and resides in a Duplex. Each duplex, singles quad, and doubles quad has it’s own bathroom with toilet, shower stall, two sinks, cabinets, and mirrors. Residents are responsible for the upkeep of their own bathrooms, but toilet paper can be supplied by the university.

Trash and recycling bins located in niches on each floor. Temperature is held constant throughout the building by a constant flow of regulated area through the ventilation system.

Other facilities: one male and one female public restroom per floor; vending machines in basement lobby, laundry facility in basement level, full kitchen in basement level; one lounge in basement level and two on every other level. Some lounges have a microwave and sink, others have powerstrips, ethernet ports, etc., one has a pool table.

Riker Hall Facts:

Description Capacity Room Type Room Size Window Size
  • Quad Styled
  • Co-Ed by room
  • 154 Residents
  • 2 Resident Assistants
  • 56 Doubles
  • 100 Singles
  • Single: 8’x10′ & 8’x12′
  • Double: 12’x14′ & 12’x16′
  • 48″ wide
  • 54″ high







Other Information

  • Houses washer, dryer, and microwave
  • Quad-mates share bathroom