Hurst Hall is one of the four Residence Halls in the Suites Complex made up of Foster, McClintock, and McClendon.  Practically identical to Foster and McClintock Halls, Hurst stands to the right side of the Complex towards Tolley/Brown Halls.  Hurst houses 3 floors, 12 suites, 12 rooms per floor, and a total of 67 residents.  In front of the Complex, the university sets up a small picnic area, where residents are allowed to use a grill during the summer months, making it more of their home away from home!  The laundry room is located on the first floor.  Also, this area houses a microwave that is accessible to all residents for their convenience.

The Suites Complex is nestled in the back of the campus. Surrounded by the woods, the Suites Complex is perfect for retreating back to the Residence Halls after a long day of academics.  Offering upper-classmen the opportunity to escape the traditional styled Residence Halls, the Suites Complex boasts more of a smaller community.  Each suite consists of a common room, bathroom and houses 5 to 6 residents (2-3 bedrooms).  Drew supplies limited furnishings for the common room and bedroom, and the residents are responsible for cleaning their bedrooms, common room and their bathroom.

While each building takes on a personality of its own, the overall environment allows for a social atmosphere to complement the educational offerings of the university.  Each residence hall houses a washer and dryer unit, while Foster Hall serves as the
center of the Complex with a common laundry room, kitchen and lounge referred to as “This End”. All of the buildings in this complex are air-conditioned.


Hurst Hall Facts:

Description Capacity Room Type Room Size Window Size
  • Suite Style Building
  • Co-Ed by Suite
  • 65 Residents
  • 2 Resident Assistants
  • 54 Doubles
  • 2 Singles
  • 1 Triple
  • 11’6″x13′ (Approximately)
  • 56″ wide
  • 80″ high


Other Information

  • Common Room & Bathroom per suite
  • Houses washer, dryer, and microwave
  • Garbage and recycling dumpsters are behind Complex


Hurst Hall is named  after John Fletcher Hurst, third president of Drew Theological Seminary, now Drew University.