Haselton Hall is the H in the  HERB Complex consists of 4 different style halls thatcreate a true quad-like appeal. 

Haselton Hall is a traditional co-ed style building with three floors. Maximum occupancy 93; 4 single rooms, 40 double rooms, 3 triple rooms. There are two RAs, each of which has a single room. There are two male and two female bathrooms per floor, each has toilets, shower stalls, and sinks. The bathrooms are common and are cleaned by the custodial staff.  The first and second floors are dedicated to the relocation of the Theme Houses, while the third floor houses traditional CLA students. Information regarding individual room width/length may be found here Haselton Room and Window Measurements.

Trash and recycling bins are located in the middle of each floor. Each room has an individual heating/AC unit with thermostat. Residents may not switch between AC and heat at will; they can only control the amount of cool air in the summer or warm air in the winter.

Other facilities: Large lounges on the fourth floor and in the basement level; full kitchen on the fourth floor; one additional public restroom in basement level; laundry facilities in the basement level; vending machines in the basement level; all five floors connected by elevator.

Haselton, Eberhardt, Riker, and Baldwin Hall all have different qualities that add to the upper-classmen experience. The HERB Complex is situated right in the heart of campus, right next to the university center, Ehinger Center.

Haselton Hall Facts:

Description Capacity Room Type Room Size Window Size
  • Traditional Style
  • Co-Ed by Room
  • 91 Residents
  • 2 Resident Assistants
  • 4 Singles
  • 40 Doubles
  • 3 Triples
  • Double: 16’x12′
  • Triple: Varies
  • 53″ wide
  • 60″ high

Other Information

  • Handicap Accessible
  • Houses washer, dryer, and microwave
  • Top Floor Lounge
  • Substance Free Floor


The hall is named after Philip Hazelton, former chair of the University Board of Trustees. His grandfather was Leonard Baldwin, one of the two Baldwin Brothers who founded the College of Liberal Arts.