Ebherhardt complex houses both townhouses and efficiency spaces and are shared among CLA and Grad/Theo residents. Townhouse 7-12 and 29-32 as well as Eberhardt Efficiencies 1-5 house graduate and theological students.

Eberhardt Units house undergraduates and are home to three themehouses.

Eberhardt Efficiencies house up to three residents per unit.

The Townhouses have 3 or 4 bedrooms and are considered single units. Townhouse efficiencies house are also considered single units for grad/theo students.

All efficiencies and townhouses have one bathroom with toilet, sink, and shower/tub.  Each efficiency and townhouse is responsible for the upkeep of its own bathroom, and kitchen.  All efficiencies and townhouses have a kitchen with cabinets, counter, sink, and fridge.  Each unit can control it’s own temperature within University-set limits.The Townhouse units have stoves, the Eberhardt efficienices have a microwave.  Townhouses have a common area, a closet downstairs and upstairs, and shelves in the upstairs hallway.  Efficiencies have a walk-in closet and small closet.

Townhouses 27-32 have small patios.  The garbage area is housed in a shed, there are a set of garbage and recycling bins for all Eberhardt and Townhouse residents to use.  Townhouse six is the laundry area, it also houses  a small lounge area, and a public restroom.

Eberhardt/Townhouse Hall Facts:

Description Capacity Room Type Room Size Window Size
  • Apartments
  • Co-Ed by Apartment
  • Varies depending upon Grad/Theo and CLA Residents
  • 3 Theme Houses
  • 1 Resident Assistant
  • Singles
  • Doubles
  • Triples
  • Varies by Room or Apartment
  • 57″ wide
  • 80″ high

Eberhardt is named after George Eberhardt.