Please use this checklist as you prepare for End of Semester Checkout. 

Prepping for move-out:
_____  Completely clear off:
                ____     Both sides of your bedroom door, common area door, and bathroom door
                ____     Bedroom walls
                ____     Common room walls
                ____     Ceilings

_____  Discuss with your roommate(s) who is responsible for damage(s) in your room/common area/bathroom. Please let your RA/HA or CRE know which person is claiming responsibility in writing with everyone’s signature. (Please submit this information before any member checks out of the area. )

_____  Clear everything in and around the bed loft. Lofts will be picked up the day following the closing of the residence halls.

_____  Please  un-flip your bed. All beds should be on the lowest possible setting. Flipped beds may be subjected to a fine.

_____  Refrigerators will be picked-up after the residence halls have closed. Please make sure you unplug, clean and defrost your refrigerator PRIOR to checking out.

_____  Please check your Drew email for any updates or procedural changes.

Two ways to check out of the Residence Hall:

1.  ____  Schedule a check-out appointment with an RA/HA from your complex 24 hours in advance of your move-out.  Choose a realistic time that works with your exam schedule and the move out schedule.  Residents must move out 24 hours after their last exam.  (Please note:  missing your appointment time may result in an improper check-out.

The RA/HAs will be collecting the move-out sheets the night before (11:00PM) so they know their appointments for the next day. If you do not sign up, they may not be available to check you out of your room. (Remember the RA/HAs are students who also have finals and papers to complete!)

2.  _____  Use the Express Check-Out Option.  If you do not know what time you are moving out, you may go with the Express Check-Out Option. Please note:  if you use the Express Check-Out option, you will not be able to appeal any damages and fines accessed to your room, bathroom and /or common area.

Please pick up an Express Check-Out form from the Office of Residence Life and Housing (EC 138) or from your RA/HA  the day before you check out.  Fill out the form legibly and completely.  Place your key in the attached envelope.

Ask your RA/HA or CRE where to leave the Express Check- Out form.  You can also drop off the form at the Office of Residence Life and Housing (EC 138).  Once you have turned in your Express Check-Out form, you are ready to leave for your summer break.  (Remember:  When you elect to Express Check Out, you sign a contract saying you understand you relinquish your rights to appeal any damages and fines accessed to your room, bathroom and/or common area.)

For non-graduating residents:
Please remember, you need to be moved out of the residence halls 24 hours after your last exam or by Thursday, May 10 at 12:00 Noon, which ever comes first.

For graduating residents:
All students must move-out of the resident halls on Saturday, May 12, 2018 at 7:00 PM.

Preparing yourself for check out:

_____  Clear out all personal belongings from your side/portion of the room, bathroom and/or living area. Check all your drawers, closets, and under the bed to make sure you didn’t forget anything. Any items left will be discarded and residents may be charged the cost of removing items.

_____  Clean your room! Leaving your room in a spotless condition will keep you from incurring cleaning fees/fines.

_____  Vacuum, dust, and/or wipe down all surfaces.

_____  Scrub out your trash container. (It must be clean and dry).

_____  Remove ALL tape, sticky stuff, & adhesives from walls, shelves, doors, windows, etc.

_____  Beds must be fully assembled, in the lowest possible position, and DEBUNKED. Return your bed pins to your RA/HA or the Office of Residence Life and Housing (EC 138).

_____  Be sure that your room, common area and/or bathroom has all the furniture provided by Drew University.

_____  Take all trash to the dumpsters. Furniture or trash left behind will result in personal or common area fines. NOTE: PUBLIC AREA FINES MAY NOT BE REVERSED OR APPEALED!

Reminder: All residents will be held accountable for destruction of any University property/furniture through inappropriate means (i.e. tossing out window).

Prior to Check-Out:

_____  Inspect the room/bathroom/ common area to see if that is the condition you want the CRE & Facilities to assess it in.

_____  Pull out all drawers half way. (This makes it easier for the RA/HA to inspect so you can get going!)

_____  Remove your room key from any rings you may have.

_____  Tip your mattress so it leans against the wall.  (This allows the staff to see both sides easily.)

_____  Close & Lock all windows. If you live on the first floor, please make sure window blinds are down and closed.  If you live above the first floor, please leave the window blinds up and open.

_____  Turn off all the lights & lock the door.

_____  If you are the last roommate to leave, please make sure all common areas and bathrooms are in their proper condition.

_____  Find the RA/HA and complete the Room Condition Report(RCR) or Express Check Out form.

_____  Turn in your room key and acknowledge the Key Code as written on your Room Condition Report.

_____  Confirm the RA/HA locks up your entire area.