The Billing Process

Before a student moves into a room on campus–the room is checked by Residence Life staff members to ensure the room is in great condition for the incoming resident. The staff member marks down the condition of the room on a Room Condition Report (RCR.) As the resident moves into the room–they are given a copy of their RCR and told to review the findings of our staff with the condition of the room and report back if they have found any discrepancies.

When the student leaves that room for any reason, a Residence Life staff member will return to the room with the RCR to mark down any differences between the condition of the room upon moving in–and the current condition of the room. If there are any discrepancies between the initial condition of the room and the current condition of the room, a student may be charged.

Students are strongly encouraged to leave their rooms in the condition that they arrived in to avoid being charged for damages.

The Appeals Process

If your room/suite accrues damage throughout the year–you will receive notification in the mail over the Summer detailing the charges for restoring the room to its initial condition.This notification will include a description of damages and an appeal due date.

You have the right to appeal the damages listed on your bill as long as you followed full check-out procedures. If you have filled out an Express Check-Out Form–you have waived your right to appeal (this is stated on the form.) Also, any Public Area Damage in your building cannot be appealed.

End of Year Billing Appeals

Please note that Public Area Damages done to Residence Halls cannot be appealed. Please note that fines were posted before letters had arrived–letters were mailed on May 31st and contain detailed information regarding any fines that you are being charged with.

To appeal any charges for your room/suite please contact your respective Coordinator of Residential Engagement (CRE). All appeals must be written through email. The CRE forwards all requests to Facilities.  The CRE is only able to grant/deny any ResLife charges, NOT Facilities charges. Once the appeal has been received, the CRE will make any recommendations to Facilities that may be necessary for the student. The Facilities Department and/or a representative from Facilities will contact you and the Business Office should they decide to grant and appeals.

We try out best to avoid any charges that may not be necessary, but because on occasion restoring areas to livable conditions does take work, we need to make sure that our means are covered to ensure a perfect impression for the next residents.