Email as a Means of Communication

  • The University sanctions emails as a viable means of communication to our students for important information. You must check your emails regularly and you will be accountable for this information.


  • The following qualifications, rules and regulations apply to residents in all Graduate and Theological student housing. Housing is available for:
    1. Students who have officially accepted admission into the University;
    2. Students who have paid an enrollment deposit and housing deposit;
    3. Only full-time, degree-seeking students of the University. A minimum of nine (9) credits per semester or maintenance and matriculation are required to classify a student as full-time for the academic year.

Housing is not guaranteed. Do not arrive on campus without a confirmed assignment!

  • Housing is available at the end of August for the fall semester and at the end of January for the spring semester. The University cannot accommodate new students in the residence halls any earlier!
  • Married couples and domestic partners must be able to provide documentation of their status, if requested. Documentation can be a marriage certificate, domestic partnership agreement, mortgage agreement or deed showing joint ownership, co-parenting agreement or another document that establishes a joint responsibility for each others welfare and financial obligations.  In the case of separation or divorce, the University will continue to offer housing to the the student only.

Housing Deposit

  • Students must submit a $250 housing deposit in order to be assigned housing and receive a housing occupancy agreement.
  • The housing deposit is non-refundable after August 1st  for the fall semester and December 15th for the spring semester.
  • If you break your housing occupancy agreement for any reason, including withdrawal, your $250 housing deposit is forfeited.

Family Housing Units (12-Month Residence)

  • Family housing is offered to married couples, domestic partners and families. All units are assigned based on family size and the University’s policy on capacity limitations. One-bedroom, two-bedroom and three-bedroom units are available. All units are unfurnished. No more than two children may share a bedroom. Children sharing a room must be of the same sex or both under 10 years old as of July 1.

University Policy on Family Housing Unit Capacity

  • One-bedroom units are located in Wendel and Tipple. The living/dining/kitchen areas are approximately 12’ x 14’ and the bedroom approximately 10’ x 12’. Bathrooms have a stall shower. These units are reserved for couples, couples with one child under the age of ten or a single parent with two children of the same sex or two children of the opposite sex if both are under the age of ten. The maximum capacity for a one-bedroom unit is a family of three people.
  • Two-bedroom units are located in Wendel and Tipple. The two-bedroom unit is similar in size and layout to the one-bedroom unit, but with one additional bedroom. Two-bedroom units are limited to couples and single parents with at least one child over the age of ten, single parents and couples with two children of the same sex or two children of opposite sex under the age of ten. The maximum capacity for a two-bedroom unit is a family of four people. Three-bedroom units are located in Wendel and Tipple.
  • Three-bedroom units are limited to couples and single parents with at least two children of the opposite sex, one of whom is ten or more, or three children. The maximum capacity for a three-bedroom unit is a family of six people.
  • Note: The family size and age of children on July 1 of each year determine the appropriate housing unit for each family.

 Single Student Housing Units (9- or 12-Month Residence)

  • Wendel and Tipple Halls and the Townhouse are used for single student housing.  Single occupancy rooms are available where students have their own private room but, share the kitchen, bathroom and common area with one to three other students.  Bedrooms have a bed, dresser, desk and chair for each student.

Air Conditioning

  • Wendel and Tipple Halls do not have air conditioning.  Residents can provide their own window air conditioner and have Facilities install the unit.  There is a $75 installation/utility charge.
  • The Townhouse units have air conditioning.

Housing Eligibility and Limitation

  • Housing eligibility varies according to each program and has a 5 year maximum in housing for all students.
  • Students who have reached the maximum years of housing eligibility but who need more time to finish their course work may petition for additional time in University housing. Housing is not guaranteed. Students will be notified after May 15th whether housing is available or not.

Program                     Residency
PhD                                  4 years max.
MDiv                                 4 years max.
MA                                    2 years max.
MMH                                 2 years max.
STM                                  2 years max.
MTS                                  2 years max.
DLitt                                  4 years max.
MLitt                                  2 years max.
CLA                                   4 years max.
DMH                                  4 years max.
MAT                                   2 years max.

5 years maximum for all students in all programs.

  • All residents agree to assume the responsibility for the facility to which they are assigned and agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the University and the Housing Agreement.  Failure to comply with these rules and policies are grounds for termination of the Housing Occupancy Agreement.
  • The University shall not be liable for damage or loss to any resident personal property from any cause whatsoever.  The University does not carry insurance on the personal property of students therefore, residents are strongly advised to get renters’ insurance for their belongings.

Housing Assignments

  • Such factors as scholarship, date the application is received, degree program, and availability of space are considered in assigning incoming students. Most housing decisions are made in July for the fall semester and in December for the spring semester. Most notifications are sent to students by July 15 for the fall semester and January 15 for the spring semester. If no housing is available by July 15 for the fall semester and January 15 for the spring semester, housing deposits will be returned to the students and applications withdrawn.
  • Applicants will be matched to units according to University policies and capacity guidelines.
  • If a student wishes to remain on the waiting list, he or she needs to re-submit an application and deposit after July 15.

New Student Arrival

  • New students must have a confirmed housing assignment through the Housing Office before arriving on campus.
  • Students may not arrive any earlier than one week prior to their orientation for the fall and spring semesters and may not arrive on weekends or holidays.
  • New students must make arrangements for check-in. Please email to make your arrangements.
  • Students attending the summer English program (ESOL) may arrive no earlier than one week before the start of the program.  Again, arrival must occur on weekdays.