Email as a Means of Communication

  • The University sanctions emails as a viable means of communication to our students for important information. You must check your emails regularly and you will be accountable for this information.

Housing Occupancy Agreements

  • Single students are signing a financial obligation through May 30 (9 month contract). If single students choose to stay the whole or part of the summer they also have to sign a summer agreement for June, July and August.
  • Families continuing in housing sign a financial obligation through August 31 (12 months contract).
  • Families in their final year of the contract (either graduating or their housing eligibility is expiring) sign a Housing Occupancy Agreement through May 30 (10 month contract). If the family prefers to stay until June 30th, the student will need to make this request to the Housing Office in the spring.
  • All students are billed for each semester through May 30. June, July and August are billed separately for families and any single students who decide to stay the summer.


  • We honor upgrades for family housing in July if available. The size of the family on July 1st determines the size of the apartment the student qualifies.  For example, if a baby is born July 2nd, it will not change their eligibility for that academic year.

Students Leaving Housing After the Fall Semester

  • Students graduating or leaving housing for any reason after the fall semester must inform the Housing Office by November 1st.
  • Students not returning for the spring semester must vacate their units by December 20th.

Requesting to stay after the current lease expires

  • If the Housing Office and/or Dean approves a student stay for a short period beyond the end of their lease, that student will be charged an additional 20% premium in rent after the current lease expires. In order to give the Facilities Dept. enough time to turn over the unit, the last day you can stay is July 15. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Requesting to Break a Housing Occupancy Agreement

  • If something happens unexpectedly after you sign your housing occupancy agreement, you may request to break your housing occupancy agreement. A “Request for Occupancy Agreement Release” form is available on the Graduate and Theological Student web page with guidelines for documentation that are needed to process the application. If you break your housing occupancy agreement, your housing deposit is forfeited, and  you will also be charged one additional month of rent from the day you move out. If you choose not to submit the application, you are not eligible for any refunds.

 Housing Eligibility and Limitation

  • Housing eligibility varies according to each program and has a 5 year maximum in housing for all students.
  • Students who have reached the maximum years of housing eligibility but who need more time to finish their course work may petition for additional time in University housing. Housing is not guaranteed. Students will be notified after May 15th whether housing is available or not. Please fill out the application to continuing housing and return it to the housing office.

Program                     Residency
PhD                                  4 years max.
MDiv                                4 years max.
MA                                    2 years max.
MMH                                2 years max.
STM                                  2 years max.
MTS                                  2 years max.
DLitt                                 4 years max.
MLitt                                 2 years max.
CLA                                   4 years max.
DMH                                 4 years max.
MAT                                  2 years max.

5 years maximum for all students in all programs.

Room Change (single students)

  • Single students may request a different room once during their stay in University Housing.
  • Students may request an upgrade from a commuter room, double or single to a one-bedroom apartment if they are getting married.
  • Students cannot change rooms in the middle of the semester unless there is a specific and documented problem that cannot be resolved.
  • We honor room changes for single students in June and July and January.

Vacating Apartments (single students)

  • Single students who have completed an application to reside on campus the next academic year, may stay in their apartment through the summer and pay additional rent or, they may leave for the summer.  They must, however remove all of their belongings from the room over the summer.  No personal belongings can remain in the room.

When a student vacates their housing unit (family or single) permanently no personal belongings may be left behind.  Students will be charged for cleaning and disposal of all personal things left in their unit, including common areas.