brothers collegeThe Office of Community Standards is dedicated to encouraging responsible community conduct.  We strive to resolve allegations of misconduct under Daniel’s Dictionary in a manner consistent with fairness and student development.  Our office acknowledges the importance of balancing the interests of a student’s academic, intellectual, and social development, while maintaining a vibrant and responsible community, as well as protecting the integrity of the institution and its values. We seek to involve students in the student conduct process.  Our processes foster ethical standards, critical thinking, and responsible decision making.

At the beginning of every semester—our Resident Assistants meet with the residents of their building to set up a set of rules that all residents of that building must adhere to—in addition to the policies found in Daniel’s Dictionary. We expect our communities to be respectful, open-minded and safe environments for our students to thrive and these additional community standards help us reach this end.

If you must complete Community Service as part of your sanction you can find the form here: Community-Service-Form 2013

Please refer to Daniel’s Dictionary to learn more about the policies at Drew University.