Since the Spirituality House, located in Eberhardt Hall,  began it has been an intimate family of individuals with different spirituality, philosophical, practical, and religious backgrounds within the larger Drew Community.  We encourage an open dialogue of these issues in order to enable us to work on respect, acceptance, and understanding of our own and different views.  As members of Spirituality House we have chosen to intentionally live together in an interfaith environment in order to foster appreciation for each other’s philosophical, spiritual, and religious beliefs.  We also maintain that no level of religiosity is necessary for membership in the house or for one to have some level of spirituality.  As members of the House we continue to discuss what defines religion and spirituality for each of us, and enjoy bringing this discussion and thought within the student body.  We make a special effort to keep our programs diverse and interesting.  In order to accomplish this goal, we work closely with professors to encourage academic and educational programs as well as fun, community-building programs.  Because we have high standards for our programs, we enjoy excellent attendance from the Drew Community.

Though we often tend to see our these as related to us as individuals, we also make an effort to spread ideas of spiritual acceptance, awareness, and knowledge through our programs.  Our inspiration is anchored in our collective desire to make the world a better place through our intentional engagement with the needs of others.  Our commitment to love and acceptance of each other has led to the creation of an environment where spiritual, philosophical and religious traditions can be practices and respected.  This environment enriches not only our own experiences, but also that of the Drew Community as a whole.

Spirituality House Assistant: Rebecca Filetti