The Music Appreciation Theme House, located in Haselton Hall,  strives to create an atmosphere where musical knowledge is expanded and creativity is encouraged. Music is something that most everyone has an interest in, whether they listen and appreciate it or they study it. One of the advantages of our House is that we can bring programs that teach people about music to Drew without it being academic. This enhances whatever musical experience a person has. These programs create more opportunities on campus for people to have fun in non-harmful ways.

Besides enhancing musical experiences in a non-academic way, we also enhance the experience of music students at Drew by providing programs that build upon and assist their musical education. By living within a community of other musicians, music students will have a support group that can help them if they are struggling with certain concepts or assignments. Also, living within a community of other creative people will help inspire students to create more.

Another advantage of the Music Appreciation Theme House is that we have a common area where people can practice. Having a place to practice within the building we are housed in provides more opportunities for students to practice, which helps them to improve their skills.

Lastly, Music Appreciation Theme House has a direct connection to the Music Society and Music Department and works hand in hand to provide both fun and educational programs.

Music Appreciation House Assistant: Anne Marie Labrutto