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COVID-19 Policy Changes

COVID-19 Policy Changes

Please visit the Drew University Coronoavirius website for the most up to date information regarding University processes and guidelines. 

Spring 2021

  • College of Liberal Arts (CLA) undergraduate students experiencing hardship or challenges due to the pandemic may request the P/LP/U grading option for one or more Spring 2021 classes. 
    • Approval will be automatically granted for the first class.
    • Students may petition to have additional classes switched to the P/LP/U mode, these petitions will be reviewed by the Academic Standing Committee.
To be sure that your request for a P/LP/U action is in your best interest, it is recommended that you consult with your adviser and/or instructor prior to making this decision.

First Request:

Petition to Change an Additional Class to P/LP/U:

The last day to submit a change for Spring 2021 is Wednesday, May 19th which is two days after final grades are posted.*

*The P/LP/U option is not recommended for students anticipating a grade of B or better.

Please read the important things to consider before requesting the grade change:

  • Students earning the equivalent of a “C-” or better will be awarded a grade of “P” (pass); students earning the equivalent of a “D-/D/D+” will be awarded a grade of “LP” (low pass); both P/LP will result in students earning credits for those courses.
  • Students failing a course will receive a grade of “U” (unsatisfactory) and will earn no credits.
  • Courses completed with P/LP/U are not included in any grade point average (GPA) calculations. (This is different from a traditional Pass/Fail grade option where a F grade is included in GPA calculations).
  • For the spring, summer, fall 2020, and Spring 2021 semesters, credits earned with a “P” or “LP” grade will count toward:
    • 128 total credits required for graduation;
    • intermediate and upper-level credit requirements;
    • major requirements (except for cases when a “C- or better grade” is required for the major, then only courses completed with a grade of “P” will count toward the major);
    • general education requirements.
    • A grade of “LP” differs from “P” in that it signifies that a student has not met a minimum C- proficiency, which is sometimes needed for progression through a sequence of courses in particular majors.

Electing to switch a course to P/LP/U may not be advisable if:

  • You need to raise your GPA for academic warning or probationary requirements, INTO pathway GPA requirements, or to raise your GPA above the 2.0 threshold for graduation;
  • A course is required for a post-graduate professional program (e.g., medical school), as it is unclear how these programs will view this grading scheme for Spring, Summer, Fall 2020, and Spring 2021. Currently, P/F grades are frequently not allowed for admission to many professional programs;
  • A course is required for transfer to Drew’s MAT program since these courses require a grade of B or better;
  • A course is required for a combined degree program (e.g., 3+2 engineering).