Independent Study Registration Form for CLA.


Independent Study Registration Form for CLA

Independent Study

This form is to be used for students registering for an independent study in any  semester. Please note deadlines on the Academic Calendar for the given term.

Please complete the form below, filling in all required fields.  Once completed, the instructor of the Independent Study will contact the Registrar’s office verifying that you are permitted to register for an Independent Study.  Additionally, your Advisor will be notified that you are requesting to register for an Independent Study.  The Registrar’s office will then register you for the appropriate section of an Independent Study.  Please provide a title or topic of the Independent Study if applicable or available.

NOTE:  CLA students: Please review your desire to register for an Independent Study with your adviser prior to completing this form. 

Independent Study Registration Form (CLA)

Please note: If your desired area of study does not appear on this list, please select the "Other" field. If you are a Caspersen Student, please use other and type CSGS.
Example: 300. If you are a student of Biology, Chemistry, Neuroscience, Physics or Psychology interested in taking a course in Directed Research, please fill out the "Directed Research Request Form" located in the "Special Forms" section of All courses will have to be approved by your instructor before registration occurs.
Please use only "" email accounts. Instructors will not receive emails at non-Drew email addresses.
Please enter the number of credits that will be associated with the Independent Study.
Please enter the title or topic of the Independent Study. This will be the section title of your course section.
Please select "I agree" to enable manual registration
Example: Jane F. Doe