Registration Override allows the Primary Instructor to give a student permission to take their class.  This needs to be done before the student’s registration opens.  A student cannot register for the class without the instructor entering their approval.

  1. Go to
  2. Under the heading “Faculty Tools”, click on the “Registration Overrides” link.
  3. Choose a term, if asked.
  4. If you have not been working with a student, you will asked to
    • Enter the student’s ID or first and last name and click “Submit”.
    • A list of students who match the name you entered will appear in a dropdown.  Select the appropriate student and click “Submit”.
    • OR
    • To change the student you would like to look at, click on the “ID Selection” link at the bottom of the page and enter the information for the student desired and click “Submit”.
  5. The registration override screen will be displayed which also displays information about any other courses the student may have registered for (if registration is already open) and any other instructor approvals that may have been granted.
  6. In the Override dropdown, select from of the following options: “Instructor Approval,”  “Pre-Requisite” and/or “Co-Requisite” overrides via the dropdown) NOTE: You can issue multiple overrides for a student per course, you are not limited to one.  In the Course dropdown, select the course you would like to give the approval for.
  7. Click “Submit” and you are done!