Fall 2014

Welcome to the Drew University first year student registration site. The information listed here will assist you with your first Drew Registration.  The selections you make now will be preliminary, you will meet with your adviser to discuss. Think carefully about your selections, but don’t worry if you aren’t totally sure what to choose. You’ll have the opportunity to discuss your questions with your adviser before your selections are final. During your first two years, feel free to explore disciplines and areas of the curriculum which are new to you. You can do this easily while beginning to fulfill your general education requirements and/or taking the introductory courses in your proposed major.

Please also review FERPA , the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act to understand your access and privacy rights regarding your student records. You will also want to read the section on Treehouse devoted to “Proxy” set up. Often parents want access to see your schedule, billing information, financial information and grades. If you wish to provide them this access, “Proxy” will show you how.

Registration Steps


  1. Take the Placement Exam
  2. Select Classes
  3. Getting Registered

Academic Advising

During the process of selecting and registering for your classes, if you have questions related to these selections and other academic requirements after your advising meeting, you may email fyadvising@drew.edu.

Other Important Information