What is TreeHouse Ladder?:

TreeHouse Ladder is an easy to use degree audit and academic advising software designed to enhance the advisement and academic planning process at Drew University. TreeHouse Ladder has powerful tools and features that allow students to view their academic progress at anytime and confirm how their course choices fulfill degree, major, minor, and concentration requirements.

What is Ladder_PP new students

TreeHouse Ladder Functionality:

  • Web Audits
    • Student Audit
    • Concise Audit
    • Registration Audit
  • What-If Audits
  • GPA Calculator
    • Graduation Calendar
    • Term Calculator
    • Advice Calculator
  • Look Ahead
  • Student Planner (Advisers only)

Viewing or Processing Audits:

Audits are individualized, printable degree reports displaying courses taken, transfer credits, courses still needed to meet degree requirements and courses in-progress. The audits are arranged in a logical hierarchy of sections, called “blocks.”  The sections or blocks list the various components and requirements to  degree.  Audits can be viewed in three different formats:

  • Student View- a complete and detailed audit of the student academic record.
  • Registration Checklist- provides only the courses “still needed” to meet degree requirements.

To  process  and  view  an  audit,  choose  the  Audit  Format  from  the  drop-down  menu  and  click  “View,” [TreeHouse Ladder defaults to the “Student View”]:

Reading the TreeHouse Ladder Audit:

  •  Header Information:  Please take note of the following important header information.
  1. The Header Information bar, including the “Worksheets,” “Planner,” and “GPA Calc” tabs.
  2. The “Legend.”
  3. The student specific information.
  4. FAQ, Help, and Print, and other links at the top of the page.
TreeHouse Ladder Header Information
  • Student Progress Information:
  1. Test Information (AP, SAT, etc.)
  2. Degree Progress
  3. Degree Requirements
  4. General Education Requirements
  5. General Education: Diversity Requirements
  6. General Education:  Breadth Requirements
  7. Major Requirements (if applicable)
  8. Minor Requirements (if applicable)
  9. Concentration Requirements (if applicable)

Degree & GenEd

Diversity & Breadth


  • Additional Coursework Information:  Please take note of the following important coursework information:
  1. Courses Unassigned to Specific Requirements
  2. In-Progress Coursework
  3. Legend

Additional Coursework Information

Note:  You must click “Process Audit” each time after you select new criteria to refresh and view the latest version of an audit.

GPA Calculators

The GPA Calc functionality allows students to determine the number of courses and grades needed to improve their grade point average.  There are three different types of GPA calculator functions:

  • Graduation calculator – helps you determine how you need to perform to reach the desired GPA upon graduating.
  • Term calculator – helps to set specific goals for the classes in current term.
  • Advice calculator – helps  determine how many credits of a specific grade average needed to reach  desired GPA.

Using the GPA Calculator Functions

To use the GPA Calculator functions, click “GPA calc” on the TreeHouse Ladder function bar.  From the “GPA Calculators – Introduction Page,” choose a GPA Calculator type from the left sidebar.

Graduation Calculator

  1. Select the Graduation Calculator from the “GPA Calc” sidebar.
  2. Enter your total number of credits remaining toward  degree.  The current GPA will auto-fill, however, the calculator allows you to make changes to a hypothetical current GPA.
  3. Enter the total number of credits required for degree.
  4. Enter  Desired GPA.
  5. Click Calculate.  The calculator will generate the GPA that needed over the remaining credits in order to achieve the desired GPA.
  6. Click “Recalculate” to change the criteria.

Graduation Calculator

Term Calculator

  1. Select the Term Calculator from the “GPA Calc” sidebar.
  2. Enter Class name, (e.g. ENGL 210, ANTH 101). This field is optional. Maximum of 8 classes allowed.
  3. Enter number of credits, (mandatory field). Maximum of 8 credits allowed.
  4. Select grade for class from drop-down menu, (mandatory field).
  5. Click “Calculate” to view calculated GPA based on the grades provided, (“Current GPA” and “Credits Earned So Far” are auto-filled. Hypothetical changes are allowed to these two fields).
  6. Click “Recalculate” to change the criteria.

Advice Calculator

  1. Select the Advice Calculator from the “GPA Calc” sidebar.
  2. Enter Desired GPA.  “Current GPA” and “Credits Earned” fields are auto-filled by TreeHouse Ladder; however, hypothetical changes are allowed to these fields.
  3. Click “Calculate.”
  4. The Advice Calculator returns different scenarios in terms of number of credits and average grade necessary to achieve the desired GPA.  Note: Results that would require you to take more than 150 Credits are omitted. You will receive an error message if it is not possible to achieve the desired GPA based on the maximum of 150 additional credits.
  5. Click “Recalculate” to change the criteria.

Look Ahead

The Look Ahead function is a planning tool.

To view or process a Look Ahead audit:

  1. Click the “Look Ahead” button on the Worksheets sidebar.
  2. Enter the discipline code, (e.g. ENGL, ANTH, BIOL), and complete course number in the respective fields.
  3. Click “Add Course” to create a list of planned courses or “Courses you are considering.”
  4. Click the “Process New” button.