The Print button allows you to print your individualized audit report.

Log Out

Always log out when you finish using TreeHouse Ladder (DegreeWorks).  Logging out WILL NOT log you out of the Drew University uLogin.

Function Bar

Contains the Worksheet, Planner, and GPA Calculator tabs.


Explains the meaning of the various check box symbols and course symbols.

Student Header

Contains your current academic status information.


Audit report sections are divided into two columns.  The left column outlines the requirements that need to be completed.  The right column outlines the courses that can be used to complete the requirement or the courses used to meet the requirement.  Hyperlinks to course descriptions are available in this column for courses that can be used to meet the requirement.  Completed requirements or sections are designated with a check mark.  Refer to the Symbol Legend for explanation of other symbols that may appear in the check boxes.

Degree Section

Provides an overview of your graduation requirements. Completed requirements are designated with a check mark.

Major Section

Outlines all of the specific course and GPA requirements for your major.

General Education Section

The General Education or CLAS Core Curriculum section outlines the core curriculum and liberal arts requirements based on your degree program.

Additional Courses Taken

Courses for which you receive credit, but DO NOT apply to specific requirements.

Non-Contributing Grades and Pending Permit Courses

Non-Contributing Grades include: F, FIN, FAB, W, WA, WU, NC and #(grades).  Permit courses that are pending receipt of grades by the Registrar’s Office are also included in this section.


Current and registered courses are included in the In-Progress section.

Additional  sections  that  may  appear  on  your  audit  depending  on  your  degree  program  are:  Writing-Across-the- Curriculum Requirement, Undeclared Major and Not Counted.