Registering for classes:

What do I need to do before registration opens?

You need to meet with your advisor to get your alternate pin.  Without the pin, you will not be able to register when it opens. NOTE: Not all students require a pin.  Some graduate and theological programs do not require advising and, as a result, will not require a pin to register.

If any classes you are interested in taking require an instructor’s signature, you need to contact the instructor for that approval and make sure that they enter their approval into Banner.  If they do not enter it into Banner, you will not be able to select the class at the time of registration.

Check to be sure there are no holds on your account that may prevent you from registering and take care of those.  If you are going to be a junior and have not yet declared a major, you will be prevented from registering until you have done this.  “Registration Status” will allow you to see if there are any issues preventing you from being able to register.

How do I check to be sure I am eligible to register?

In TreeHouse, use the “Registration Status” link.  You will be able to see any holds on your account, your academic status, your class, and whether you are permitted to register.  You can also see that professors have entered their instructor approvals for any courses requiring it.  This is available at all times.  It is not dependent on the registration process.

What if I have holds on my account?

You need to clear all holds before being able to register.  Holds prevent registration!   When you have taken the necessary steps to clear your holds (academic or financial), you will be able to register.  You can check for Holds at any time using the “View Holds” link in TreeHouse.

How do I declare a major or minor?

This process will still be completed via the “old” CampusWeb application.  Please declare your major or minor by going to CampusWeb.

How do I find the courses I’d like to take?

Use the “Look Up Classes” link to search for classes.  You may search for the subject desired or click on the “Advanced Search” button to search for classes by CRN, title, type of class (lab, seminar, etc.), credits, part of term, instructor, Gen. Ed. Requirement, or days and/or times the class is held.  When you click on the “Search” button, all classes meeting the specified criteria will be displayed with the CRN.  If you click on the CRN, you can see more detail for the class.  In order to register for a class, you check the box to the left of the CRN and click on “”.  Keep in mind that most course numbers have changed!  A list of the courses and their old and new numbers can be found within each major or minor listed on the this Registrar’s Office page.

How do I register for classes?

Instead of selecting your classes online, having the schedule emailed to your advisor for approval, and then having to log into CampusWeb when registration opens to “Officially Register”, you will now meet with your advisor to discuss your course selection and the advisor will, then, give you an “alternate pin” to be used when registration opens.  If your program does not require advising, you will not require a pin to register.  When registration does open, you will click on the “Register/Add or Drop Courses” link in the student tab of and be asked for the pin your advisor gave you if your program requires a pin.  You will then proceed to add the courses to your schedule by either typing in the CRN (course reference number) or search for the course you are interested in (Be sure to check the box to the left of the course in order to register for it.).  Once you submit your course selection using “Submit Changes”, you are registered for the class.  No emails will be sent confirming your registration.  You can look at …… to see what you are registered for.

What if my class is full and I’d like to be added to the waitlist?

NOTE:  Some courses do not have wailtlist functionality.  This will be noted on the course section information.  You will need to contact Patricia Laprey for summer waitlist information.

You will be told that the class is full when you attempt to add it to your schedule.  You need to enter the CRN into the worksheet at the bottom of the Add or Drop Courses page and “Submit Changes”.  It will be placed in the registration errors area of the page.  You need to select “Waitlist” in the action dropdown box and “Submit Changes”.  Your course will then be added to your registration as a waitlisted course.  If you would like to see where you stand on the waitlist, you can click on the “Student Detail Schedule” and the “Waitlist Position” will be listed under the waitlisted course.  When someone drops the course, the person at the top of the waitlist will receive an email notifying them that there is an opening in the class.  That person has 24 hours to either add themselves to the class or decide not to take the opportunity.  If they do not add the class within 24 hours, the next person on the waitlist receives an email that there is an opening and they can act on it.  If the first person missed their chance and still wants to be on the waitlist, they need to add themselves to the waitlist again and their name is added to the bottom of the list.

If I am waitlisted for courses, how will I know if there is an opening?

When you try to register for a course that is full, you will be asked if you would like to be added to the waitlist.  If you respond in the affirmative, you will be told where you stand on the list.  If there is an opening in the class, the student at the top of the waitlist will be notified by email that they may enroll in the class.  The student has 24 hours to add the class.  If the student does not take any action within the 24 hour time period, the next student on the waitlist will be emailed and this will continue until the opening has been filled.  If a student misses their opportunity to move off the waitlist and enroll in the class, they can re-add the course to their schedule and will be placed at the bottom of the waitlist.  Instructors cannot take students off of the waitlist and enroll them in the class.

How do I add or drop a class?

Adding a class is done in the same manner as registering.  As soon as you add the class, you are in it.  No approval from an advisor is needed.  Dropping a class is done in a similar manner.  You just go into “Add/Drop Classes” and drop the class desired.

What if my course requires instructor approval?

If a course requires instructor approval, you must contact the instructor before registration and receive their approval.  They will enter their approval via Self Service and when registration opens, you will be able to select and register for the course.  If the instructor has not entered the approval, you will not be able to register for the class until the instructor enters their approval into Self Service.  You can check to see if the instructor approvals have been entered by looking in “Registration Status”.  All special approvals are listed as well as other important information such as whether you have any holds.

How do I add co-requisite courses?

Courses that are co-requisites must be registered for at the same time.  You need to find the CRN for each course and enter them into the worksheet on the Add or Drop Courses page and “Submit Changes”.  You can also find both courses using Class Search and check the box to the left of both courses and click “Register”.  If one of the courses is full, you will not be registered for the other courses.

What is the Worksheet for?

The worksheet is your shopping cart.  You can list the CRNs for the courses you would like to register for and just click “Register” to register for courses without searching for the courses.  You can also add courses found using the Course Search to the worksheet by checking the boxes to the left of the courses desired and clicking “Add to Worksheet”.  These courses will stay in the Worksheet area of the “Add or Drop Courses” page until you “Submit Changes” to register for the courses in the worksheet or leave the add or drop classes process.

How do I register for DIS courses?

DIS courses must be registered for at the Registrar’s Office.  You need to get the necessary approvals and meet with Patti McCloskey.

How do I register for an Independent Study course?

You need to fill out the independent study registration form here.  The form will email the independent study professor as well as your advisor.  Once the registrar’s office receives the approval, it will be added to your schedule.

How do I select the Gen. Ed Requirements to be used for my courses?

You no longer need to specify the gen. ed. Requirements for each course.  In the Fall, DegreeWorks will be installed and that will use the gen. ed. assignments to determine your progress toward graduation.

Glossary of Terms

Alternate Pin: Provided by your advisor and required in order to register.  It is only asked for the first time you attempt to register.  If your program does not require advising, you will not need a pin to register.

Self Service (SSB): web based Banner (similar to CampusWeb in the “old” system)

Day of the week called “R”:  Thursday

Links within the Student Tab on TreeHouse for Registration:

Registration Status:  Shows the student whether they are clear to register or if there are any issues that need to be taken care of before being allowed to register.

View Holds: Shows any holds there may be on your account that might prevent you from being able to register.

Look Up Classes: Search by subject or use Advanced Search in order to search using criteria such as instructor, day or time course is offered, or Gen. Ed. Requirement.

Register/Add or Drop Courses: Used to register and add or drop classes.

Change Class Options: Change a class grading mode from regular to either pass/fail or audit.

Week at a Glance: See what your weekly class schedule looks like.

Links in Self Service:


Select Term: Select the Term you would like to use for all of the rest of the links.

Register, Add or Drop Classes: Register for classes, add additional classes or drop classes no longer wanted.

Look Up Classes: Find classes being offered for the term selected.  You can do a simple search by subject or a more advanced search with more specific search criteria.  You must always select at least one subject.

Change Class Options: Change the grading mode for a registered class from regular to pass/fail or audit.

Week at a Glance: See your class schedule in a weekly calendar format.

Student Detail Schedule: See each course you have registered for with pertinent class detail.

Registration Status: Check to see whether there is any reason you will not be able to register when registration opens.  You can also see any instructor approvals that have been granted here as well as curriculum information.

Registration History: Displays all completed and active registrations.

Student Records:

View Holds: Displays any holds there may be on your account.  These will prevent you from being able to register.

Final Grades: Displays your final grades for the most recent term as well as a summary.  You can select a different term to view if desired.

Academic Transcript: Displays your unofficial transcript including the current and any future terms you have registered for.

View Student Information: Displays student information such as your advisors and when you are expected to graduate as well as curriculum information.

Major Declaration/Change Request: Add or change majors and minors.  Majors need to be approved and will not be added to your record until the approval has taken place.  Minors do not require approval.