Please follow the instructions below which outline registration related procedures within the new technology system, TreeHouse Self Service.  Additional information and an index of new terms can be found here.

Check your registration status

Your registration status will tell you whether you have any holds on your account, your academic standing, your student status and your class for registration purposes.  It will also give you a summary of your academic career so far including the number of credits you have earned, your program, and your majors and/or minors.

If you do have any holds, you can click on the link at the bottom called “View Holds” in order to see what they might be.

  1. Go to click on students (located at the top left of the web page.)
  2. Under the heading “Registration Tools”, click on the “Registration Status” link.
  3. Choose a term, if asked.
  4. Your registration status will be displayed.

Check whether your account has any holds

“View Holds” will list any holds on your account.  If there aren’t any, you will see a message stating that there are no holds on your record.  Holds need to be taken care of before registration opens or you will not be able to register.

  1. Go to
  2. Under the heading “Registration Tools”, click on the “View Holds” link.
  3. Choose a term, if asked.
  4. Your holds information will be displayed.

Search for courses for a term

You can look for classes before registration opens.  Unlike CampusWeb, there is no “pre” registration where you select your classes and the selection is sent to your advisor for approval.  Now, you can search for the classes you are interested in taking and go over your selections when you meet with your advisor.  Once registration opens, you will be able to actually register for the classes.

  1. Go to
  2. Under the heading “Registration Tools”, click on the “Look Up Classes” link.
  3. Select a term to search from the dropdown menu and then click “Submit”.
  4. If you would like to search by a specific subject, highlight the subject and click “Course Search”.
    • This will display all the classes offered during the term selected.  Click on “View Sections” in order to see the sections offered for a particular class, with details including instructor, schedule, seats available, instructor approval required (this will show in the “Attribute” column), etc.  You can also click on the CRN (course number) to gain access to more detail, such as the books for the course and the catalog entry.  NOTE:  Instructor approval required will appear underneath the title within the “Attributes” portion of the detailed information.
  5. If you would like to search by criteria other than subject, click on “Advanced Search”.
      • You have the ability to search by a class title, type of class, course level (the levels are defined in the message at the top), instructor, gen. ed. requirement, start and end times, and days of the week the class is offered.
      • Once you have highlighted the criteria to be used for the search, click on “Class Search”.  Keep in mind that you must select at least one subject for the search.
      • All the classes meeting the criteria will be displayed, with details including instructor, schedule, seats available, etc.  You can also click on the CRN to gain access to more detail, such as the books for the course and the catalog entry.

6. Note the CRNs of courses you are interested in taking.

Register for classes

Please watch this video, which takes you step by step through the registration process detailed below.

When registration opens for your class/program, you will be able to register for your classes.  You need to have met with your advisor or dean (whoever approves your schedule) in order to receive what is called an “alternate PIN”.  Not all programs require a PIN.  If your program does not require advising, you will not need a PIN and will not be asked for the PIN at the time of registration.  Other programs require this PIN when registration opens. It will be asked for the first time you attempt to register for classes for the term.  After the first request, you are not asked for the PIN again (during this session). (NOTE:  You will need a new PIN from your advisor to register for a new term.  PINS from a previous term will not function for registration in a different  term.)  You do have to make sure there are no holds on your account before registration opens since those will prevent you from being able to register. As soon as you register for a class, you are done. No emails are sent by the system to tell you or your advisor what you have registered for.  You and your advisor can see your schedule within Self Service (SSB) – for students, the schedule is within the Registration menu.  If you intend to be a full time student for the semester, you need to register for a full schedule excluding waitlisted courses.  Waitlisted courses will not be considered when determining your status.

What you need to do before registration opens:

  • Make sure there are no holds on your account.
  • Meet with your advisor/dean to discuss your course selections and receive your “alternate PIN” (SP(needed in order to register).  If your program does not require advising, you will not need a PIN.
  • Contact any instructors teaching classes you would like to take which require instructor approval. Ask them to them enter the approval before registration opens.
  • Once registration opens, you just register for your classes.  There is no longer a “pre” registration, advisor approval, “officially” register process.
  1. Go to
  2. Under the heading “Registration Tools”, click on the “Register, Add or Drop Classes” link.
  3. If registration is not open, you will receive a message stating that “This term is not available for Registration processing.”  You can select another term, if desired.  Only terms that are currently open are displayed in the dropdown.
  4. If the term is open for registration and you have no holds, you will be able to begin selecting classes.
    • If you have already determined the classes you would like to take and noted the CRNs, you can just enter them into the “Add Classes Worksheet” and click on “Submit Changes”.  All classes “accepted” for registration will appear under “Current Schedule”.   Think of the worksheet as your shopping cart.
i.  Any classes not accepted will be displayed under the heading “Registration Add Errors”.
ii. Types of errors:
        1. You are already registered for another section of the class.
        2. You have a time conflict with another class.
        3. Your class has a co-requisite which you did not select at the same time.  Co-requisites MUST be added together.
        4. Your class requires “instructor approval”  and the instructor has not yet entered the approval or you have not yet contacted the instructor for approval. You will not be able to register for the class without this approval.
          • To request instructor approval the student must email the instructor of the class; the instructor will then submit the approval online and email the student that the permission was given. Once the professor emails the student with the approval, the student will be able to select the course and register.
        5. If a class is closed and there are no more openings on the wait list.
      • If you don’t know the CRNs or want to search for another class, click on “Class Search” at the bottom of the screen.  Details on how to search are provided under “Search for courses for a term”, above.
            1. Once registration is open, the box under “Select” will be displayed and you can check off the box and click “Register” to register for that course section.   If you check the select box and click “Add to WorkSheet”, the course will be added to your worksheet list.  You will not be registered for the class until you “Submit Changes” (from the Register, Add or Drop Classes worksheet page), which will add all of the courses in your worksheet to your registration.
      • If a class is closed but does have openings on the wait list and you want to be placed on the wait list, you need to add the CRN to the Worksheet and “Submit Changes”.  The class will appear in the “Registration Add Errors” until you select “Wait Listed” in the action dropdown menu and “Submit Changes”.  To see your position on the wait list, select the link at the bottom “Student Detail Schedule”.  Under the waitlisted course, you will see the “Waitlist Position”.
      • To drop a class you have registered for…
          1. In “Register, Add or Drop Classes” under the “Current Schedule” heading, click on the dropdown under “Action” and select your drop option.  “Submit Changes” and the class will be removed from your “Current Schedule”.
            • NOTE: This will submit everything on the page, including registrations for courses added to your worksheet but not yet registered for.

Seat Availability

Once you have clicked the “Course Search” button as was described in the “Search for Courses for a Term” above, you can select specific courses to view the seat availability for that section.  Click on the desired section, and you will see something similar to one of the following screens:
Please note that if a Cross list (XL) exists, then you should pay special attention to the Cross List Seats remaining, not the section Seats remaining.  In the examples above, there are 24 seats available for students, not 25.

Change Your Grade mode from Regular to Audit or Pass/Fail

“Change Class Options” allows you to change your grade mode for the classes you’ve registered for.

        1. Go to
        2. Under the heading “Registration Tools”, click on the “Change Class Options” link.
        3. Choose a term, if asked.
        4. The classes you have registered for will be displayed.
        5. Find the course you’d like to change the grade mode for and click on the dropdown to the right of “Grade Mode”.  Select the grade mode desired.
        6. Click “Submit Changes” to save your selections.