Grade Forgiveness Guidelines (CLA Students):

  • Students who have received a D+, D, D- or F may repeat for forgiveness.
  • Students need to request this, it is not automatic
  • Students may not add into a course  for forgiveness until other students have registered
  • The “forgiven” attempt counts, rather than the first (whether or not it is an improvement)
  • A “forgiven” attempt that ends with a “W” counts as one of their forgiveness attempts
  • The policy begins with fall registration and is not available for summer 2015
  • The original attempt still shows on the transcript, with an “E” indicating this grade is exempt from GPA
  • Students are limited to 3 forgivenesses, 1 per course
  • Students may appeal if first attempt was C-
  • Students will request through our office if they wish to repeat without forgiveness
  • Grade forgiveness cannot be used for repeats taken off campus.GradeForgiveness

Once submitted you will receive this email if approved:

Your request to repeat a course for grade forgiveness has been received. You will be notified once the approval has been made by the appropriate department chair. At that time you will need to register yourself for the course.

Note: If you do not hear before the start of semester, send an email to the appropriate department chair to inquire as to possible wait time.

If your request is denied, you will receive this email:

Unfortunately your request to receive grade forgiveness for this course section has been denied. If you wish to repeat the course without forgiveness, please contact the registrar’s office at