How do I find an advisee’s alternate pin?

Go into your Advisee Listing and find the advisee desired.  There is a column titled “Alternate Pin” with the pin assigned to each advisee.  Be sure to give each student their pin and not one assigned to another advisee.  Students cannot register without the pin assigned to them.  For this reason, they will be contacting you prior to registration opening in order to receive it.  This is your opportunity to discuss their course selection since there is no longer a “pre registration” with advisor approval needed to “officially register”.

How do I grant Instructor approval for a student interested in taking my course requiring instructor approval?

Go into your Registration Overrides and select a term and the student you would like to give instructor approval to.  In the Override column dropdown, select “Instructor Approval” and the course in the course dropdown and “Submit”.  You will be asked to confirm the approval.  Once you have confirmed the approval, it will be listed under “Current Student Overrides” as well as the student will be able to see that instructor approval has been given for the course under their “Registration Status”.

I have been approached by a student who would like to do an independent study with me.  How is this handled?

There is a link on the student’s “Register, Add or Drop” page which opens this registration form for the student to complete.  When the form has been completed and submitted, it is emailed to the instructor and advisor specified as well as the Registrar’s Office.  Once the Registrar’s Office has received approval from the instructor, the student will be enrolled in the class by the Registrar’s Office.

There are students on a wait list for my class.  How do they get into the class?

When a student enrolled in the class drops the class, the first student on the wait list will receive an email notifying them that there is now an opening.  If they would like to enroll in the class, they add it to their schedule by following the instructions in the email.  If they take no action within the time period allowed (currently 24 hours), the opening will be offered to the next person on the wait list and this will continue until the opening has been filled.  If a person missed their opportunity to add themselves to the class and still wants an opportunity to take the class, the student needs to go back into their registration and add themselves to the wait list again.  The student will be placed at the bottom of the list.

My advisee says they have holds on their account which prevent them from registering.

You can view holds for any advisee by using “Your Advising Information” and selecting “View Holds”.  If you have not been working with a student in Self Service yet, you will be asked to enter the advisee’s id or last and first name.  Once you click “Submit”, a dropdown of all students matching the information you entered will be displayed.  Select your student and “Submit” and any holds that exist for the student will be displayed.

You can also go into Advisee Listing to see all your advisees and click “View” for the student desired to see their holds.  This method allows you to check more than one student without having to select another ID.

The student does need to take care of any holds on their account before they are allowed to register.

My Course Information

How do I see the rosters for my courses?

In TreeHouse, use the link for “Summary Class List”.  This will show you enrollment counts for the class as well as the wait list and any classes cross listed with your classes.  To see the wait list, you just click on the words and a list of those currently on the wait list is displayed.  You have the ability to email the entire class or individuals in the class or on the waitlist.

I need to enter final grades for my classes.

In TreeHouse, within the Faculty tab, select the “Faculty Self Service” link.  Select the “Your Course Information” link, and then the “Final Grades” link.  You will be able to enter grades for all students registered for the course.

I have a student who is not performing academically.

In TreeHouse, select “Faculty Self Service”,  “Your Course Information” and then select “Faculty Feedback”.  Select the class you’d like to offer feedback for and enter the information desired for the student.

I’d like to check enrollment counts and detail for all my courses for a semester.

In TreeHouse, select “Faculty Self Service”,  “Your Course Information” and then select “Faculty Detail Schedule”.  All classes for the selected term will be displayed.

Your Information

I’d like to see all classes I’ve taught at Drew

In TreeHouse, select “Faculty Self Service”, “Your Information” and then select “View Assignment History”.  All classes you have taught at Drew are listed by term.  If you click on the “CRN” for the class, you can see the enrollment counts as well as the days and times it was offered.  You can also see the roster by clicking on the links under Enrollment Counts.

Links in TreeHouse Faculty Tools

Advisee Information Menu: The Self Service Advising Information menu which includes all pertinent information for the advisees assigned to you.

Advisee Listing: A listing of all advisees assigned to you and students enrolled in any of your classes with the alternate pin assigned to each advisee as well as student information, holds, test scores transcript and, eventually, degree evaluation when DegreeWorks has been installed.

Course Crosswalks: Lists by schools of the subjects and course numbers (“old” and “new”).  This has been set up to assist students and faculty in finding courses.

Develop Class Schedule: Used to set up the courses offered in a future term.

Faculty Lab: Takes you to the Faculty Lab webpage within

Final Grades: Allows you to enter final grades for any course currently assigned to you.

Registration Overrides: Allows you to enter instructor approval for a student who is interested in taking your class which requires instructor approval.

Summary Class List: Lists all courses assigned to you as an instructor and allows you to see enrollment information including waitlist and a list of all students currently registered for the class.

Advisor Dashboard: Allows you to select a term and an advisee’s id or name.  When you click on the Advisee icon, you can see the advisee’s class standing, major/minor, transcript, test scores, and send an email to the advisee.  Clicking the Student icon will show you students in your classes matching the id or name information you entered.

Faculty Dashboard:  Clicking on a class listed in the My Classes will display enrollment and meeting location information.

Self Service Links


Term Selection: Select the term you would like to use as you navigate through Self Service.  Keep in mind that it remains as the term used for everything until you change it.


Your Advising and Student Information


ID Selection:  You can search by an ID or last and first name.  A list of the students matching the criteria you entered will be displayed and you can select the correct student from the dropdown.  Keep in mind that the student remains as the student for all other links until you change it.

Advisee Listing:  A list of all advisees and students enrolled in your classes.  You can use this list to view student information, holds, tests, and academic transcript for any student listed.

Student Address and Phone: All addresses and phone numbers associated with the student are listed.

Student E-Mail Address:  All email addresses associated with the student are listed.  The email address marked “Preferred” is the email address that will be used any time you select the option to email the student in Self Service.

Student Schedule: Displays the student’s schedule for the term selected if they have registered for the term with information such as the instructor of the course as well as the days and times the course takes place.

Registration Overrides: Allows you to enter overrides for the student selected as well as displays any overrides that have been entered for the student by other instructors and their schedule if they have registered for any courses for the term.

Academic Transcript: Displays all transcripts for an advisee or you may select the appropriate level for the transcript you are interested in seeing.  The transcript is Unofficial and includes any future terms the student has registered for.

View Test Scores: Displays test scores for any tests that have been entered for a student.

View Holds: Displays any holds that exist for an advisee.  Holds will prevent a student from registering.

Concise Student Schedule: Displays a list of the classes the advisee has registered for.  The information includes the days and times of the class, instructor, and classroom.

Student Week at a Glance: Displays the advisees classes in a calendar format.  You can click on any of the classes to see more detail about the class.

Advisee Grade Summary: Displays the grades assigned to all advisees’ classes.

Look Up Classes: Allows you to look for classes based on specific search criteria.  At least one subject is required within both the simple and advanced searches.

Course Catalog: Displays course catalog information based on subject, level, college, or attributes (gen. ed. Requirements).


Your Course Information


CRN Selection:  Allows you to select the CRN for a course you are designated as an instructor.  This CRN will be used until you specify a new CRN.

Summary Class List: Displays summary information for the class previously selected.  You can see the enrollment numbers for the class, wait list and cross list as well as a list of those currently enrolled in the class.

Detail Class List: Displays information for the class previously selected with additional information about each student enrolled in the class.

Summary Wait List: Displays summary wait list information for the class previously selected including a list of all students currently on the wait list.

Detail Wait List: Displays wait list information for the class previously selected with additional information about each student enrolled in the class.

Final Grades: Provides the worksheet used to enter the final grades for the students in the class previously selected.

Incomplete Grades Summary: Displays any students with incomplete grades in the term and course selected.

Faculty Feedback: Allows you to give feedback on the progress of students.

Faculty Grade Summary: Displays final grade information for the term and course selected.

Faculty Detail Schedule: Displays detail about all of the courses assigned to you including enrollment counts.


Your Information:


Week at a Glance: Displays your class schedule in a weekly calendar format.

Active Assignments: Displays detail for all courses with active students.

View Assignment History: Displays all of your class assignments from the past and present.