NOTE:  For all of the steps in this document: Once you have selected a Term or Student to work with in Self Service, that Term/Student will remain the selected option until you choose another Term/Student.  If you do not “Exit” out of Self Service, the student and term used in the previous session will still be selected.  Always pay attention to your term and student selection.

Additional note:  For additional information and Banner FAQs, please reference this page.

Advisee Information and Alternate Pin

The advisee listing allows you, as an advisor, to view important information about your advisees.  You can email them from the listing, view their student information, holds, test scores, transcript, and, eventually, degree evaluation when DegreeWorks has been set up.  The listing also displays the alternate pin assigned to each advisee.  You can also email all advisees in the list by clicking “Email your advisees”.

  1. Go to
  2. Under the heading “Faculty Tools”, click on the “Advisee Listing” link.
  3. Choose a term, if asked (if not asked, you can select the term by scrolling to the bottom left hand corner of the page, and there will be a link to select an alternative term).
  4. A listing of all advisees currently assigned to you will be displayed.

Search for courses offered for a term

  1. Go to
  2. Under the heading “Faculty Tools”, click on the “Advising Information Menu” link.
  3. Click on the “Look Up Classes” link.
  4. Select the term you would like to search for classes within or a date range.
  5. Highlight the criteria you would like to use to find the classes.  You MUST highlight at least one subject.
  6. Click “Class Search”.
  7. All classes meeting the criteria selected will be displayed.  You can click on the class title to see detailed class information such as the number enrolled and on the waitlist.  Click on “View Catalog” to see the catalog entry including the long title.  Click on “Look up books for this course” to see the books assigned to this course.

Check on whether an advisee has registered and what they have registered for

All information pertaining to advisees is available in the “Advising Information Menu” in TreeHouse.

  1. Go to
  2. Under the heading “Faculty Tools”, click on the “Advising Information Menu” link.
  3. Click on the “Student Schedule” link.
  4. If you have not been working with a student, you will asked to
    • Enter the student’s ID or first and last name and click “Submit”.
    • A list of students who match the name you entered will appear in a dropdown.  Select the appropriate student and click “Submit”.
    • OR
    • To change the student you would like to look at, click on the “ID Selection” link at the bottom of the “View Student Schedule” page and enter the information for the student desired and click “Submit”.  Click on “Student Schedule” again.
  5. The student’s schedule will be displayed.

How does a student place themselves on a wait list when a class is full

The student will be told that the class is full when they attempt to add it to their schedule.  The student needs to enter the CRN into the worksheet at the bottom of the Add or Drop Courses page and “Submit Changes”.  It will be placed in the registration errors area of the page.  The student then needs to select “Waitlist” in the action dropdown box and “Submit Changes”.  The  course will then be added to the student’s registration as a waitlisted course.  If the student would like to see where they stand on the waitlist, the student can click on the “Student Detail Schedule” and the “Waitlist Position” will be listed under the waitlisted course.  When someone drops the course, the person at the top of the waitlist will receive an email notifying them that there is an opening in the class.  That person has 24 hours to either add themselves to the class or decide not to take the opportunity.  If they do not add the class within 24 hours, the next person on the waitlist receives an email that there is an opening and they can act on it.  If the first person missed their chance and still wants to be on the waitlist, they need to add themselves to the waitlist again and their name is added to the bottom of the list.

If an instructor would like to see the wait list for one of their courses,

  1. Go to
  2. Under the heading “Faculty Tools”, click on the “Summary Class List” link.
  3. Choose a term, if asked.
  4. Select the course in the dropdown.  You will notice after each course title there is a number in parentheses.  This number indicates the number of students registered for the class.
  5. In addition to showing the list of students registered for the class and other course information .
  6. Under “Enrollment Counts”, you can click on “Wait List” to see a list of the students on the Wait List.  If a seat opens in the class, the student at the top of the wait list will receive an email notifying them that there is now an opening and they can opt into the class.  After a period of time if the student does not take an action (adding the class), the seat will be offered to the next student on the list.

Advisees wanting to take an independent study class

Independent study classes will be registered for in the Registrars Office.  The student will find a link at the top of their “Register, Add or Drop Classes”.

“To register for an independent study, please complete this form.”

When the student completes the form and “Submit”s it, the Registrars Office will be emailed as well as the student’s advisor and the independent study instructor for approval.  Once the Registrars Office receives approval, they will add the class to the student’s schedule.