Instructions on how to submit  attendance information for Fall 2014

Federal Regulations require all colleges and universities receiving title IV funds to verify the attendance students at their institutions. Using the attendance roster located in treehouse, faculty should record the last date of attendance for all students that are no longer attending their courses. Even if a student has never attended, faculty should report this status as well.

Please follow these instructions to record  the last date of attendance for students no longer attending your courses:

  1. Go to Treehouse Self Service and select Faculty and Advisors.
  2. Under Faculty and advisors, select “your course information.”
  3. Under your course information, select “attendance roster.”
  4. Select the appropriate term from the drop down and click on submit.
  5. Use the drop down to select the appropriate course.
  6. To record the status of “Never Attended”, enter the date 09/02/2014 in the Last Attend Date column. Enter the number “0” in the Attend Hours column.  For students that have discontinued attendance, enter their last date of attendance in the Last Attend Date column  leaving the Attend Hours column blank.(Special note: you do not have to enter  information for students that are in attendance.)  Once you have entered the appropriate attendance information click submit.